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Monday, October 12, 2015

Earthquake Prediction for October 2015

Here are some of the probable dates for October 2015
1) 18th Oct........6.3
2) 24th Oct........6.5
3) 27th Oct........6.7
window period +or - one day
Amit Dave

Earthquake prediction for Oct 2015 ..contd

 As you all are aware,this month I could not post dates till yesterday ie 11th,
I did not put the first date ie 12th. As a proof(for those you are skeptical,pl note that
12th is the New Moon day.(one of the main trigger)
 As a second proof pl note the dates for this months include
27th ie Full Moon day.
In fact 27th is stronger than 12th
pl not Nz quake to day

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Earthquake prediction for October 2015- an appology

 I am extremely sorry for not finding time to calculate and up load the probable dates for October 2015. Nevertheless, I will be doing the same in couple of days
Amit Dave

Thursday, September 24, 2015

How Earthquake can trigger another quake thousands of Km away .

 This is an interesting article on a major quake inducing another quakes far away and on different plate boundaries also.
  The findings say that a week sound wave or week acoustic frequency can trigger the quake. It may reduce the friction between plate boundaries and hence can induce quake
   I am surprised,if week sound wave can trigger the quake, how and why tidal pull beyond a threshold limit can not trigger quakes?

Any Comments?


Saturday, September 05, 2015

Esrthquake prediction for Sept 2015

 Here are probable dates for major quakes in Sept 25
1) 10th.........6.4
2) 13th.........6.5
3) 27th........6.8
window period +or - 1 day

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

earthquake Prediction for August 2015

 Here are the probable dates for major quakes in August 2015
please note that in the month of August we have some of the strong indicators , which may give major quakes ( even 7+), and /or volcano eruptions , and /or cloud brusts

a)  Venus have already changed the direction on 24th July, and now accelerating
b) Venus will be closest in the month of August, ie 0.289 AU on August 17
c) Saturn will be changing direction from retogate  to direct on 1st August

One more point I would like to make this month is.. I will be giving Exact dates and the date hit predictions will be observed. For the time being ,the window period of + or - one day have been removed ie only the date mentioned here will be counted

1)  July 31st........6.4
2) 1st August (12.00 Noon UTC) to 2nd August 12.00 Noon UTC ........6.9 ( strongest of the month, may even go up to 7.2)
3)10th ................6.3
4) 14th ...............6.6
7)29th   ..............6.7 ( one more major quake ,may reach up to 7.0)

pl watch the dates

Friday, June 26, 2015

Earthquake prediction for the month of July 2015

 I am a back in action after one month gap. Now everything is settled and I can find some time to do some calculation and publish probable dates for major quakes(6+) for July 2015


2)5th/ 6th.........6.5

3)15th /16th.....6.7


5) 28th ........6.3

window period + or - one day and magnitude window + or - 0.3

note  1st /2nd means  date is 12 noon from st to 12 noon of 2nd July
 for academic purpose ,you can also take window period for the same day ie 24 Hrs only


Friday, May 29, 2015

Earthquake prediction for the month of June 2015..( sorry unable to post for this month)

  I have recently shifted my residence and everything in the house is a mess. No proper broadband net connectivity for few more days. and I  have to post from my cell phone.
  I could not do much work for this month and hence , I am unable to post the probable dates for the month of June 2015.