Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Earthquakes 6.7at Fiji and 6.4 at Japan,as predicted

Predicted date 30/31st July 2011
predicted magnitude--6.5
6.6 quake at South of Fiji on 29th
6.4 quake at East coast of Honshu, Japan
can we say this is the date hit prediction?
Time and again I have proved date hit accuracy.You will find proof to my statement right in this blog.
Unfortunately,seismologist and plate tectonics are not ready to believe
I thought when Japan spend a huge sum on Earthquake research hence, will be able to take cognizance of this
Unfortunately ,it deed not work out
Any way I have to keep working.
If enough time and resources are allocated to research even place can be pinpointed(right now,in principle)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

6.5+ earthquake predicted for 30th/31st July 2011

Once again ,I am observing my dates (predicted well in advance) 30th and 31st July 2011 for quake/s of at least 6.5.(place not known)The window period is + or - one day .It may also happen that,some of the volacno may start erupting during this window period
As places are never given by me, please do not feel anxious

Saturday, July 09, 2011

7.1 Earthquake at Japan on 9th /10th July 2011, as predicted

Now ,I would like your specific comments -as to whether this is termed as 7+ date hit or just a chance? If ,it is a chance ,what are the odds?


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Kermadec Island earthquake of 7.7 on 7th July 2011

Mumbai city receives nearly 2500 mm of rainfall every year. We ,in Municipal corporation clean the drais and open gutter during April and May every year.
During June to September every year we provide portable deisel pump sets at flooding spots.
As I am inchrge of Engineering Vigilence dept of Mech and Elec wing it becomes very hectic every year during these period.
Hence I could not up load July dates as a seperate blog
Nevertheless pl see my annual dates
where July 9 is mentioned as 7+ quake date.
Santosh ,here is clue for cycle quale.June 30/ 1st July 2011 was given for June .This is yet another cycle quake

please see my web page and go to calender for July 2011

I believe,there will be yet another 6.5+ either to day 8th or 9th July 2011
Roger, even if we take 9 th as my date(predicted ) for 7+ quake, what are the odds of getting hit with + or - 3 days ?( because it occured on 6 th July 2011- UTC and 7th as per IST)