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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Earthquake prediction for January 2012

 This year ,it may be difficult for me to post very often ,due to my official duty.It is quite likely that,my official responsibilities will increase due to promotion.very soon.
Nevertheless,my monthly prediction posts and replies to readers views will continue
The probable dates for quakes for the next month will be like this

1)2 nd January 2012-----------------6.2

2)9th January 2012------------------6.5

3)18th/19th January 2012-----------6.6

4)23rd January 2012----------------6.3

window period is + or - one day


Friday, December 09, 2011

Study links tropical cyclones to Earthquakes- A study

 Please see at the right side of this blog  -Study links tropical cyclones to earthquakes- or see link

Now the study have shown relation between cyclones and major earthquakes (in certain cases)
It says,the land slides and mud creates imbalance of load on the fault line and quakes occurs.

This relationship was earlier shown by me on this blog.
I believe ,what research have found is not correct. Only the load imbalance can not create quakes.
The real reason ( as I believe)is like this

The tidal forces and momentum change forces apply to all levels ie

1)When it applied to molten magma /lava it creates /produce quakes (if the crust is broken partially)

2) When the pull coincides with /.comes directly under mouth of volcano,it break open the mouth and eruption occurs (volcanic eruption occurs at high tide zones only)

3)When applied to oceans it creates high tides and low tides (which we are aware)

4) Over solid crust ,it deforms the upper crust by few inches (this is also proved )

5) When the same pull apply to cloud  layers ,it creates concentration of moist clouds at high tide zone and may result in cloud brusts (un usal cloud bursts)

6)Now, when there is high tide zone at one side  a low tide zone is created at 90 degree apart .
   When there is greater high tide pulls ,the low tides are also maximum.
    when ,the place comes out of low tide zone (which has created low pressure zone there) ,air rushes to fill the low pressure zone. When such air ( rushing towards) low tide zone pass over Ocean waters at 26 to 28 degrees,it gathers momentum from latent heat of water and may induce tropical cyclones
This shows, the force behind all ,this is tidal pull (high tid and low tides ) as well as momentum change ( due to planets changing the direction0
  Time and again ,it is noticed that ,whenever ,there is major quake ,it is either preceded or followed by cloud bursts and land slides

  The load changes ,due to mud slides ,creates quake may not be correct( to the best of my knowledge)
A few meter of mud have very less weight comparing 100 kms of earth crust

These are my views and my theory of - The General  theory of natural disasters


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Earthquake prediction for Decembar 2011

 Following dates and time are prone to major quakes as mentioned .(location of quakes not predicted)

1)6th December 2011-------------------0815 UTC--------6.3

2)10th December 2011-----------------1515 UTC--------6.5

3)20th December 2011-----------------1115 UTC-------6.6

4)24th December 2011----------------1715 UTC--------6.9


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bolivia Earthquake of 6.6 on 22nd November 2011


Watch the first quake of 6.6 at Bolivia on 22nd November 1848Hrs.

and accuracy of prediction

One question to pro plate tectonic theory members

Question- The quake at Bolivia was very deep ie 533 kms below .The earth crust is mostly 50to 60 km thick


How this quake could originate as below as 533 kms. and what short of crust failure this quake could be?

Watch till 26th November ,the dates and times

(place not predicted)


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Results of Year 2011 Earthquake prediction ,till October 2011

Here are the actaul quakes (7+)  as against predicted dates for the year 2011 ,till October 2011
1) January
  Prediction date -------------actual dates and quake
   4th------------------2nd at 2020Hrs UTC----7.2
     8th-----------------7th at 1432 Hrs--7.1
   9th------------------6th at 1903 Hrs---7.6
 22nd----------------20th at 1819 Hrs-----7.1

   5th-------------------3rd at 2255 Hrs UTC---7.0
   16th-----------------15th -----7.3
  Thus there are 9 Hits of 7+ quakes
 If you do not consider little inaccurcy of 2/3 Hrs ,there are 5 dot hits (+ or - one day window and 7+)

There are 19  quakes of 7+ during January to October 2011(incluning clusters)
The average number of 7+ quakes per year are 15
thus odds are 15/120----120 because ,total days 360/ 3 day window period
                       ie 1/8   ie one in eight or 0.125
 Now 9 hits out of 19 is 9/19  0.473
 Even if we consider 5 hit out of 19 it comes to
              5/19 ie 0.263
Both way it is above random date selection or average occurances(even after taking in to account cluster of quakes)


Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Earthquake prediction for November 2011

 The probable dates for major earthquakes in November 2011 are

1) 10th November 2011-------6.3

2) 13th November  2011------6.5

3) 24/25th November 2011---6.7

location not predicted


Sunday, October 23, 2011

7.3 Earthquake at Eastern Turkey killing hundreads of people


7.3 quake at eastern turkey on 23rd October 2011 , killing hundreads of people

Moon never goes station, also the Sun. Both remain always direct.They do not have any apperent backward motion

Oct 21 to 23 rd were specifically selecte for several reason

Jupiter is closest- 3.9 AU ( Astronomical Units ie average distance of Earth to Sun)

Moon Closest 57.5 ER ( Earth Radious)

Moon at Equater on 22/23 rd Oct

Moon Squaring Jupiter and Sun besides Squaring Saturn and Venus

But the main point is closenes of Jupiter and Moon to Earth

 I have some questions to all those who think my dates are no good than radom dates given by any body

What are the odds of having 7+ quakes (more than one ) on random dtaes/window period of date?
What are the chances of  two dufferent tectonic plates developing rupture on the same day?
Are some dates prone to major quakes?
How do plate tectonic explain intra plate quakes? like one of 5.3 at Gujarat recentely
Are we not ready to look at any  theory other than plate tectonics?
 Are scientist , geologist and seismologist not wasting tax payers money ,on a theory, which they themself believe can not predict quakes?

 If some one  is skeptical, let us observe the dates given by anybody any comare them with my dates as well as actual quakes


Saturday, October 22, 2011

7.4 earthquake at Kermadec , near NZ on predicted date

yet another 7.4 at Kermadec Island near NZ on predicted 21st October 2011
How long we can keep our eyes close and say all these quakes are by chance? Time amd again the accuracy of date has been proved.
I have also requested New Zealand Govt to look in to the matter

Friday, October 21, 2011

6.1 Earthquake at Japan , quake at Gujarat 5.3 and at San Francisco

 Several earthquakes reported on predicted date ie 21st October 2011

1) japan ---6.1

2) Gujarat---5.3

3)San Francisco--4

 Though, it is right on target, the magnitude predicted was 6.6. Thus ,strictly speaking (+ or - one day--correct and  + or - 0.3 magnitude is out of window

 Nonetheless, it can be stated that , major quakes can be predicted


Monday, October 10, 2011

Earthquake prediction get more accurate

Earthquake prediction get more accurate

Please see the link below ,which states that,the prediction of quakes ,by various methods is 10 times more accurate than random dates.
The competition results announced by National Academy of science in September 26th issue,stated that ULCA researcher Agnnes Helmstetter was considered the winner with highest probability

The question is -



Monday, October 03, 2011

Earthquake prediction for October 2011

Earthquake prediction for the month October 2011 are as follows( locations not specified)
1)12th/13th October 2011------6.2 ( ie time- 12th Noon to 13th Noon UTC)
2)21st October 2011-----------6.6
3)26th/27th OCtober 2011----6.9
Window period + or - one day
Magnitude window + or - 0.3
Also, these dates are prone to volcanic eruptions and cyclones

Sunday, September 18, 2011

6.8 Eathquake at North East of India,Nepal,sikkim

Today we have a 6.8 quake at NE India and Nepal. ( at least 5 people dead)It was felt almost for half of India ,including Delhi and NCR
please see my September 2011 prediction on this blog or see popular blogs at the right side of this blog

Also see my web site and g to calender for detail


Friday, September 09, 2011

6.4 earthquake at Vancouver on 9th September 2011 , as predicted

6.4 earthquake at Vancouver as expected and predicted
watch dates till September 2011 end

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Delhi earthquake,4.3 on 7th September 2011

A morderate earthquake of magnitude 4.3 occured near Delhi-Hariyana Border yesterday.
Though this is smaller quake ,it is surprising .
Watch the dates till September 2011 end.Place can not be predicted and hence no body should
be anxious
Dates are posted on this blog as well as on web page and see calender


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

6.6 Earthquake at Northen Sumatra,Indonesia on 5th September 2011, A date hit prediction

Please see my September 2011 prediction on this blog as well as my web page
we have 6.6 quake at Northen Sumatra, killing several people
Do we call it a 6.5+ date hit prediction?
Since 1st September 2011,we have several 6.5+ quakes,sometimes two or more in a day.
Are these quakes a co incidence or just by chance?
Time and again I ahve noticed that, when Jupiter changes the direction from direct to retro gate or from retro gate to direct and it is nearer to Earth (4.5AU-Astronomical Units-average distance of Earth from Sun), the frequency of major quake increases
Moon plays a major trigger ,once the above condition is full filled
Given the condition mentioned above , when Moon Joins,squares or opposes Sun (ie phaeses ) and /or with Jupiter ,major quakes occurs( The day is fixed with Moon movements)
The magnitude ,then ,depends on proximity of Moon to Earth and declination of Moon
The closer the Moon Greater the magnitude
The day when Moon acquires maximum decliantion (north or South), the day is prone
Several other aspects are taken in to account for fine tuneing the magnitude like
Aspeccts of other planets
Distance of Earth to Sun
Sun declination
Any other planet changing the direction with in a span of 2/3 days
Moon at Eqautor
These dates are also prone to Volacnic eruption and cyclones
Now find out the dates for yourself

Friday, September 02, 2011

6.4 eathquake at Santiago on 2nd September 2011

One more quake
6.4 at Santiago on predicted date ie 2nd September 2011
How many date hit proofs are required?

7.1 earthquake at Fox Island,Alaska ,a date hit prediction

Please note 7+ date hit prediction for 2nd September 2011. A Tsunami warning was issued after the quake at Fox Island ( which was later lifted)

There are 151 quakes ( 7+ quakes ) between 1st January 2001 to 31st December 2010 .
Thus ,there are 15 7+ quakes per year

Now odds for date hit are 15/360 ie 0.0416 ie 5% chances of quakes,if you give a random date

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Prediction of major quake at Tokyo by scientists

Scientists have warned that,Tokyo can be hit by major quakes (7+) any time now.The seismic activities have increased

Now, such predictions are not good for people at large and may create panic
Seismologist and Government can keep a close watch on prone dates mentioned here with(Though place can not be predicted )
It can be very well stated that,the chances of major quakes (7+) occurring on prone dates is very high
I wish Government of Japan and Seismologist all over the Globe watch such dates and find solution to save some lives,instead of creating panic among people at large with such news. Even if ,it is necessary ,the work should be done without such publication of news ( with place predictions)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Earthquake predicion for September 2011

Earthquake prediction for September

With little modification to my Annual prediction for september ,here are the probable dates

1)2nd September 2011-------6.8

2)5th September 2011-------6.5

3)12th September 2011-----7.0

4) 27th/28th Sept 2011-----7.2

9th and 16th are under observation for 6+ quake



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene at East coast of USA

Hurricane Irene strikes east coast of US.
The dates predicted are prone for quake/volcanic eruption or Hurricanes(tropical cyclones
1)when the tidal pull is high and breaks the earth crust patially , a quake occurs
2) When the pull is directly under volcano mouth, and strong enough to open up the mouth of dormant volcano , an eruption occurs
3) When the high tide pull is more the low tides are also more ( 90 degrees apart on earth)
When the place comes out of low tide effect due to low pressure created ,air rushes to fill the place. If such air passes through ocean waters having specific temperature (26/27 degrees) ,the air gathers momentum from latent heat of ocean waters. Thus ,a tropical cyclone is created
Thus dates predicted here are prone to all these Natural disasters.
4) A cloud burst of unusual nature is also due to high tide pull

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Virginia,Colorado and San Fransisco earthquakes on 22nd /23 rd August 2011

Please see some of the unusual quakes at Virginia of magnitude 5.9.
Roger,the colarodo quake must be felt by you also .The unusual thing is ,the area (Virginia) is supposed to be a green zone (not prone to quake)
To day,CNN news showed USGS official saying this.It is also not understood ,how it was felt in so much wide area.Do we not have details of fault lines here.More surprisingly ,the official from USGS was seen plotting numorous fault lines accross the area
Can anybody explain this?
It has proved that ,quakes occurs anywhere other than major fault lines? Are we upgarding area to prone area after such quakes occur? or is there any other criteria?
Whatch the date hit predictions
Watch 27th And 29/30th August 2011 (PLACE NOT KNOWN)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vanuatu earthquakes 7.1 and 7.0 as predicted

Here are two major quakes
7.1 at Vanuatu on 20th August 1655
7.0 at Vanuatu on 20th August 1819

What do you think ,it is hit (7+) date or miss?The predicted date time and magnitude are as follows

22nd August at 0130 UTC and 7.0 magnitude

Your opinions are requested
While writing this ,I am aware that my predictions are for + or - one day window period( which are very stringent for 7.0 quake prediction and also that these quakes are just outside (6Hrs) window period

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Earthquake prediction for August 2011

Earthquakes prediction for August 2011

With slight modification of my Annual earthquake prediction given on this blog,following dates are given

1)6th August 2011----- 6.5

2)13th August 2011---- 6.8

3)22nd August 2011---- 7.0

4)28/29th August 2011-- 7.1

Window period for date is + or - one day

please note that ,all predicted quakes are 6.5+

Place not known


Monday, August 01, 2011

Mount Etna erupts on 30th July 2011

Please note Mt Etna erupted on predicted date 30th July 2011.
The theory of tidal pull and momentum changes in a nutshell is like this
1) There is hot molten magma inside the earth,below the crust
2)The volume of this magma is huge, roughly 3000 odd kms
3)Compared to oceans ,having depth only few kms,this is huge fluid
4)There occurs high tide and low tide inside the crust,exactly like one in oceans
5)On given date when tidal pull is maximum,and have momentum chnage(due to direction change of major planets) this magma breaks the crust
6) If the crust is broken partially.quake occurs.
7) More the pull, more the magnitude of quake
8) If the pressure inside ,comes directly under dorment volcano mouth,it break open the mouth and eruption occurs
9) If eruption occurs on given date ,the quake will be of lesser magnitude than expected( as some of the pressure is released)
Time and again we have noticed that the major quakes and eruption occurs simultenously( the infamous Iceland volcano eruption which have closed the airspace was on the date of major quake in China)
But ...But ... we are not ready to believe this.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Earthquakes 6.7at Fiji and 6.4 at Japan,as predicted

Predicted date 30/31st July 2011
predicted magnitude--6.5
6.6 quake at South of Fiji on 29th
6.4 quake at East coast of Honshu, Japan
can we say this is the date hit prediction?
Time and again I have proved date hit accuracy.You will find proof to my statement right in this blog.
Unfortunately,seismologist and plate tectonics are not ready to believe
I thought when Japan spend a huge sum on Earthquake research hence, will be able to take cognizance of this
Unfortunately ,it deed not work out
Any way I have to keep working.
If enough time and resources are allocated to research even place can be pinpointed(right now,in principle)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

6.5+ earthquake predicted for 30th/31st July 2011

Once again ,I am observing my dates (predicted well in advance) 30th and 31st July 2011 for quake/s of at least 6.5.(place not known)The window period is + or - one day .It may also happen that,some of the volacno may start erupting during this window period
As places are never given by me, please do not feel anxious

Saturday, July 09, 2011

7.1 Earthquake at Japan on 9th /10th July 2011, as predicted

Now ,I would like your specific comments -as to whether this is termed as 7+ date hit or just a chance? If ,it is a chance ,what are the odds?


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Kermadec Island earthquake of 7.7 on 7th July 2011

Mumbai city receives nearly 2500 mm of rainfall every year. We ,in Municipal corporation clean the drais and open gutter during April and May every year.
During June to September every year we provide portable deisel pump sets at flooding spots.
As I am inchrge of Engineering Vigilence dept of Mech and Elec wing it becomes very hectic every year during these period.
Hence I could not up load July dates as a seperate blog
Nevertheless pl see my annual dates
where July 9 is mentioned as 7+ quake date.
Santosh ,here is clue for cycle quale.June 30/ 1st July 2011 was given for June .This is yet another cycle quake

please see my web page and go to calender for July 2011

I believe,there will be yet another 6.5+ either to day 8th or 9th July 2011
Roger, even if we take 9 th as my date(predicted ) for 7+ quake, what are the odds of getting hit with + or - 3 days ?( because it occured on 6 th July 2011- UTC and 7th as per IST)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Christchurch earthquakes(6.0) on 13th June 2011

Please see my earhquake prediction for June 2011,wherein date 12th June 2011 was mentioned for 6.5 quake.Today ,we have eathquakes that ratteled Christchurch again,including one having 6.0 nagnitude
The accuracy is + or - one day.
I do not know ,why we should not think out of the box and promote the research which is not as per eaxisting theory of plate tectonics.
The existing theory firmly believes that ,the quakes can not be predicted.Hence do not encourage any such earthquake prediction research.One can see the track records of various date hit predictions(including the infamous Feb 2011 christchurch quake of 6.3) on this blog
There are few more quakes expected till 15/16th June 2011.PLEASE NOTE- LOCATIONS ARE NOT PREDICTED.
As of to day,pin pointing location is difficult ,nevertheless if time and resources are provided it can be done(in principle)

Friday, June 03, 2011

Earthquake prediction for June 2011---6.5+

Here are some dates of June 2011 for major earthquakes(6.5)
For those who wish to check accuracy of predictions ,here are some dates to be observed.
please note place is not predicted

1)9th June-----------------(6.3)
2)12th June----------------(6.5)
3)15th/16th June ----------(7.0+)
4)30th June /1st July 2011--(7.0)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Earthquake of 6.4 at Bio Bio Chile ,on 1st June 2011

Please see my earlier post
Where in a major quake of 6.5+ was predicted

and a quake of 6.4 at Bio Bio Chile on the predicted date ie to day 1st June 2011
Do we call it a date hit?
I am afraid one more is to come between 19 to 21 UTC to day ie 1st June 2011(Place not known)

Between 1991 to 2010 there are 1203 quake of 6.4 and above ie on an average there are 60 quakes of 6.4+ per year
the odds for date hit are 60/365 ie 1/6th ie 0.17
Any comments?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Italian scientists arrested for not predicting 2009 earthquake/not warning people

Italian scientists Jailed for not predicting 2009 quake of 6.3 which killed more than 300 people
pl see

Now ,we need such accountability. If we are spending hard earned tax payers money in the name of research ,we need to reply some such harsh questions


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Iceland Volcano eruption dies down on 26th May 2011

please note the news taht,the ash sprewing from the volcano has died down on 26th May 2011.See Google news -volcano eruption - at the right side of this blog.This is a good news.
As the volcano has strated sprewing ash on 21/22 nd May 2011, there are chances of it sprewing ash again on 29/30th May 2011 and/or 1st /2nd June 2011
Please note ,these are my personal openion

Saturday, May 21, 2011

After Japanese super quake of 11th March 2011 ,the area is under more strain??

please see the link-news -
see google news at the right side of this blog-Japanese earthquake: ocean floor moved by 79 feet
The article says
After the maga quake of 11th MArch 2011, there are immense seismic stresses remained in the area(more than that before the quake) and that ,there are chances of further major quake/s
The data showed that-contrary to previous openion-the area have build up massive amount of strain prior to the earthquake.
Now the question is
How such things can happen-with respect to -Plate tectonic theory?
We say that ,after the stress is built up to limit,the quake occur and releases the stresses.
Do we have to rethink the authenticity of plate tectonic theory it self? Are we believing the theory blind folded?


Friday, May 20, 2011

No Major earthquake on 21st May 2011 ,Judgement day

This new post is specifically for those who are afraid of -judgement day -21st May 2011.Lot of news and web sites spread such baseless news .I here by assures one and all that ,there will not be any major earthquake on 21st.and that ,there will not be any judgement day.
keep cool

Eartthquake of magnitude 6.0 at Weatern Turkey on 19th amy 2011

As expected and prdicted in my earlier blog we have a quake of 6.0 at Weastern Turkey.At least 3 people have been killed.Time and again it is noticed that ,the indicaters suggested in my theory are true and have considearable amount of accuracy

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earthquake prediction for May 2011

May 2011 will witness the quakes as follows

1)7th May 2011---- 6.8

2)16th May 2011---6.9

3)29th May 2011----6.7

The window period is + or - one day

Day and time as per UTC

Magnitude window is + or - 0.3

Place not known

These predictions are given well in advance. Looking(observing) at cycle quakes it may change

slightly but will be given before opening of window period

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Earthquake Prediction for 17th April 2011 window-

Next window period ,for major earthquake is 17th April 2011. window period is + or - one day.Time in UTC.
The quake could be 6.5+
Now narrowing in on time ,it could be like this
1) 16th April---0300 UTC
2) 17th April---1030 UTC
3) 18th April---0330 UTC
These are the probable times. May be more than one quake
Place not known

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Japan ,7.1and Mexico,6.5 earthquakes on 7Th April 2011

Please see my earlier blog prediction
1)8th April 2011 at 1430UTC
2) 11th April 2011 at 1130 UTC
please note two major earthquakes on Japan and Mexico

First of all I would like to state Remi is right on target

I ,still feel ,one more quake will come today ie 8th August at about 1430 UTC
Now, some question to plate tectonics
1) How and why these two quakes Japan and Mexico on same day?
2) Are these quakes connected to each other in any way?
3) Are they on same plate boundary? if not how the maximum stress relieved on the same day?
4) Is this Japan quake is aftershock? or a separate shock?
5) Are some dates prone to major quakes/eruptions all over the Globe? Why are we not asking such key questions ? Why are we not so stringent in asking questions to plate tectonics? Think out of the box.What we know is not always correct.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Java earthquake of 6.7 and Fiji quake of 6.4 and India Nepal boarder quake 5.7.on 3rd and 4th April 2011

One,rather three more quakes .Java ,6.7 and Fiji quake of 6.4 and India Nepal boarder quake of 5.7 between 3/4th April as predicted
Time and again ,we have date hit quake predictions.Still we say ,it is impossible to predict major quakes.
Please give other theories a chance.
We (science and seismology) have wasted lot of time and tax payers money.
What is the harm ,if science ,seismology and govt officials ,keep vigil on given 25 odd dates in a year at prone places
It may sound like ,self praise ,but I would like to state,given enough time and resources , it is possible to predict major quakes (6.5+) with fair amount of accuracy of date and even place( a band of Long and Latt ) along the globe

next dates are 9/10th April 2011 and 17th April 2011 ,both 6.5+

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April 2011 earthquake predictions-modified

The originally predicted dates for April 2011 are 3rd and 17th (7.5+).
However ,they are now a bit modified as under ( with one more date and lesser magnitude).
( 1) 3rd April 2011--6.8.
(2)9/10th April 2011---7.1. (ie 9th Noon to 10th Noon UTC).
(3)17th April 2011----6.9.
Window period is + or - one day.
Magnitude window is + or - 0.3.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Myanmar earthquake,6.8-on 24th March 2011

We have japan quake on 11th March ie Moon at maximum declination.Again we have myanmar earthquake on 24th afternoon.This too when Moon at maximum declination.
Besides ,cycle quake theory of 7/8 and 14/15th Day to be observed
Sun was also on zero declinations on 22/23rd

Friday, March 18, 2011

Evaluation of earthquake prediction theories(other than plate tectonics) by Science

At the out set ,let me make it clear that, these are my views and I do not intend to offend any branch of Science or any body.
There are three reasonns ,why ,Other theories (specially tidal pull theory ) could not score above average
1)The averages of earthquakes occuring in a year are calculated ,on the basis of total number of quakes occuring ,incluing pre shocks and after shocks. Where as while evaluating ,only one hit per date is taken in to account,though ,there are several quakes on given date.
Considering all quakes occuring ,while calculating odds and taking in to account only one hit per day,is not justified.Either ,we take them all ,or we take only one quake per day,equally in both the cases(ie while calculating odds and while evaluating)
2) Whenever Scientists/Seismologist have evaluated the tidal pull theory ,they have only taken in to account Moon Phases(only one indicater).Very few must have taken in to account both ,phases of Moon as well as Distance of Moon from Earth ie Perigee. Thus ,only partial theory is evaluated ,which can not excced Odds ,calcualted as 1) above.
Recently ,one my friend Roger have tried to complile several indicaters simultenously .
3) Third reason ,I do not want to disclose,as it may offend science faternity

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Earthquake.8.9 and tsunami-11th March 2011

please note Japan major quake and tsunami.Actual predicted date is 20th March 2011(please note no place is predicted).However, as per cycle quake theory(7/8 day before and after) a quake of 6.5 to 6.8 was expected (not 8.9)
Now ,some of the questions plate tectonics and seismologist need to answer to people ,who have lost their loved ones ,and hard earned money,are
1)If major quakes occur due to build up stresses on the plate boundries,can we not measure the stresses? and predict the dates?
2)Even after spending millions of Dollars ,in research (in the same direction) ,if we can not predict the dates,Do we need to stop and rethink?
3)Is is not possible that,there could be other reasons for major quakes?(other than plate tectonics)
4)Are we wasting tax money paid by the people?
5)Shall we support any alternate theory,or at least have a look at it?
6) Are we treating effect(plates) as the cause (of quakes)?
Think out of the box

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Tarapaca,Chile eathquake ,6.2 on 6th March 2011

Despite Moon at Apogee (far away),we have to day Chile Earthquake of 6.3.This means ,by cycle quake theory,the days after 7th/8th and 14th /15th may get quakes
Thus ,Moon on 19th20th March 2011 at closest and Full Moon,Jupiter and Venus faster and in close aspects,Mercury changing direction 30th March and joining Moon on 21st,Moon and Sun at same declination
are the reasons for a possible quake on 20th March 2011(+ or - 1 day)
If ,there is an Volcanic eruption during the period ,the magnitude may be reduced
But---But--Let me make it clear once again ,I DO NT PREDICT PLACE AND HENCE NOBODY SHOULD BE SCARED-

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Message to Moon Man-weather prediction

Moon Man
This is how you have been introduced by your fellow country men.
I totally agree with you.Moon is the main trigger in quakes ,volcano,cloud burst of unusual nature and cyclones
Time and again I have noticed that ,on the predicted dates of quake these disasters also occur
The infamous Iceland Volcano eruption and China quake of May 2010 on the same day.
Tidal pull applies at all levels
1)Molten Magma inside the crust-Earthquakes and eruption
2)the earth crust-Mud slides
3)Ocean waters-High tides and low tides
4)Clouds-cloud burst
5)Atmosphere- cyclones and typhoon
keep in touch

Monday, February 21, 2011

Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake of 6.3 on 22nd February 2011

Time and again the dates have come true. Of course ,the magnitude is not as expected.This is because the simultenious volcanic eruptions but the damage is huge with human casualities
I have something more to state
The tidal pull ,of planets is negligible ,this is what science says.However,time and again ,it is noticed that the quakes occurs due to planets changing direction ,proximity and aspects
Watch christ church quakes . The Moon ,Venus(closer) and Saturn have close aspects.Besides Moon is closer
This is why the date,22nd February 2011 was predicted for 7 quake
Do we need to think again about tidal pull of planets?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Indonesia,Chile and Bio Bio quakes

Indonesia ,Chile, Bio-Bio quakes recently is clearly due to Moon approaching perigee on 19th Feb 2011.We have Full Moon on 18th Feb 2011.
Saturn after changing direction is on full acceleration(relative to earth)
hence major quakes on 18/19th February 2011 are imminent(place not known)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chile ,Bio Bio ,7.0 quake on 11th February2011

Here is 7.0 at Bio Bio on 11th ,exactly the date I was observing. Now I have no doubt about a quake of 7.0 on 18/19th Feb 2011
watch out

Saturday, February 05, 2011

North East India-Maymar earthquake on 4th FEbruary 2011

For all those who doubt ,that,these are (my dates ) are fluke,here is one more hit
Predicted date 3rd Feb 2011 (6.2) ,actual quake 6.4 on 4th Feb 2011 at North eastern India
This has made it almost certain that ,on 18/19th Feb 2011,there will be a quake, and not less than 6.8.
If you want me to be precise it is 18th February at 0080UTC and 6.8
But ,for taking in to account window period (+ or - one day ) ,I had put it on 19th and 6.8

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Volcano-James bond of Japan erupts

A huge cyclone YASHI at Australia and Volacno Eruption at Japan.Are these by chance?
Now ,look at the news (AFP)-James Bond erupts in Japan -in early hours of Wednesday
------ ------ ------ ----

A series of spectacular eruptions from a volcano in southern Japan fired columns of ash and smoke thousands of metres in the air early Wednesday, with the cloud delaying some international flights to Tokyo. The 1,421-metre (4,689-feet) Shinmoedake volcano in the Kirishima range, featured in the 1967 James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice', continued the series of deafening blasts which began with the start of its first major eruption for 52 years last week. Text & photo: AFP

------------- ------------- -
Now , ,What do you call? a coincidence?
We need to observe laws of nature ,as it unfolds in front of us. .The date was predicted ,actually for quake.The tidal pressure once released ,will give less magnitude quakes
we need not look at all these in isolation.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cyclone YASHI-at Eastern Australia-General theory of tidal pull

Time and again ,it is noticed that,the date of quake prediction ,may, give ,other natural Disasters like, cyclones and volcanic eruptions Tomorrow ,ie on 3rd Feb 2011 ,cyclone YASHI,may hit eatern part of Australia,may be categoey 4/5 (135Kms /Hr)
Volcanic Eruption-
When tidal pull exceed certain limit and when it breaks the earth crust completely ,an eruption occurs
The tidal pull applies at all levels
1) on magma inside the crust
3) Atmosphere
The high tide pull,creates high pressure zone at high tide side and partial vacuum at 90 degrees apart(low tide zone). When ,parial vacuum zone comes out ,the air rushes to fill the partial vacuum. If ,these air flows over oceans ,with temp 26 degrees ,it gethers latent heat of water and gathers momentum
Thus results a cyclone
Thus ,all dates of eathquake are prone for these natural disaster (incluing sudden cloud brust -at high tide zone)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

February 2011 earthquake prediction

1)To day ,we have Moon at extereme delination-we have a quake of 6.1
2)on 3rd Feb ,Moon is away from earth,so quake may not be more than 6.2
3)on 19 th we have full Moon ,as well as Moon at Perigee on 19th,Moon n equator Saturn Just changed direction so chaces are 6.8 quake(pl note magnitude is slightly reduced from 7+ o 6.8 (+ or - 0.3)
4) on 21st--6.4(will be finally decided by cycle quakes,before window period
All window period + or - one day and quake +or- 0.3 magitude

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Earthquakes at Tazakistan , Indonesia and VOlcanic eruption at Southern Japan-Mt Shimoek-One more hypothysis

I am aware that, by uploading this blog, I may invite a debate on the issue.
It was previously stated ,on this blog and on my web page ( that,the dates mentioned here are prone to natural disasters( volcanic eruption ,cyclones,and sudden cloud brust )also. Detailed explation of all these were also given.
The hypothysis ,now I am proposing is- If on the dates of major quakes predicted ,a vocano eruption occurs (in window period)-the magnitude of the quake will be less than expected.
This is because ,the build up tidal presuure gets released when volcanic eruption occurs at the same time

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Indonesia earthquake of 6.1, to day ie on 26th January 2011

Though ,this is smaller quake (6.1) than predicted,it is well in window period of + or - one day.
Time and again ,my theory is proved correct.
Let us think out of the box

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tazakistan earthquake of 6.2 on 24th January 2011

Few of my friends have poited out that, todays (24th January 2011) quake of 6+ at Tazakistan could be as per my prediction .It is in window period of + or - one day.
However,I am not satisfied with this quake. I think there is yet another,biger one, to come in 48 well within my window period.However, place can not be said as of now
Fingers are crossed

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pakistan earthquake ,7.2 and morderate earthquake at Delhi on 19th January 2011-A date hit

Please note to days pakistan earthquake of 7.2 ,ie on 19th january 2011 ,as predicted.
This is yet another date hit of 7+ quake. How many times do w say it is by chance or by fluke.?
On an average there are 15 number of 7+ eathquake per year. ie 15/360=0.0416 ie 4.16 percentage.
If we give a random date, chances of date hit for 7+ quake is nearly 5% only
watch out the next date 25/26th January 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Earthquakes ,7+, for 2010 and theory

as already mentioned earlier 7+ quakes occurs (generally ) with
1) 15 days before and after major planets changes the directions
2) Phases of Moon
3) Moon at Perigee,earth closet to Sun
4)Moon at maximum declinations
5)Moon having aspects (0,90,180 and 270 degrees ) with planets changing the directions
No window period here ,only date heat
Now we have 22 major 7+ quakes in 2010 out of which 13 are date hits ,as per above theory
3rd-sun closest to Earth ( This is not considered in 13 mentioned above ,as I have not disclosed it earlier.though it is a criteria to give maximumpull)
12th-Maxi Declination and Sat Moon aspect
26- miss
27 -Maxi decli
4th- Moon maxi decli
6th-Neap tide (8th ady tide)
9th Moon joins Jupt
27th Full Moon
12th new moon
16th Moon maxi declination
18th-Neap tide
23rd -three quakes-Moon maxi declination and Moon squres Jupt
4th Miss(neap tide on 3rd )
3rd Moon squares Jupiter
29th Moon at maxi declination
25th Miss
21st Full Moon
25th -Moon at perigee

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Yet another hypothesis- Declinations and earthquakes places

I am aware that ,by opening this blog and hypothesis ,I may be opening a big debate. I may not be able to prove it right now ,but this is a simple hypothesis based on observations
Earth moves with 23 and half degree NE declined. Moon maximum declination is 24 degrees North or South. Hence,23+24 =47 degrees North maximum declinaion. Similarly 23-24 =-1 degrees.This is because from maximum declinations Moon changes the declination and hence momemtum change in molten magma.
The maximum and major earthquakes occur at 37 to 57 degrees North as well as south(47+ or -10 degrees)(As tidal pull applies diagonlly it replicate at south also). Regarding -1 position ,the major and frequaent quakes occur at 9 degrees North to 11 degrees South(-1 + or -10 degrees)
These are just observations and no stats or mathematical calculations are done yet.
I believe,,this is the reason why we have potent and frequent quakes at these places
open for criticism

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Araucania, chile earthquake of 7.1 ,on 3rd December 2011

please see my yesterday posting for 7+ quakes for the year 2011. It was mentioned that,-as we are close to window opening for 4th december 2011,7+ quake, I wiil not post it- just observe.
Please note todays 7.1 quake of chile, as predicted
please keep observing the dates through out the year

earthquake prediction dates (7+) for the year 2011

As stated earlier,please note the dates for probable major earthquakes (7+). The window period will be + or - one day (UTC). Figures in brackets shows 7.5+ quake on that date only.
1) January 2011------19,25
3)March-------------- 20(7.5+)
5) May---------------16,29
11) November-------24

Total 28 dates hence 84 window dates ie 23.3 % of the year
There is one chance of 7+ on 4th January 2011.However as we are very close to window openiing that was not posted
Depending on cycle quakes ,occurring 7 days in advance, few dates may be modified (well in advance of window opening)
Please watch dates

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Santiago Del estero Argenina 7.3 earthquake on 1st January 2011

First of all ,let me make it clear that ,for 2011 I have not yet posted any dates. However, if you look at my previous posts and my web page ( you will find a term -cycle quakes-. When a major quakes occurs ,there will be a major aftershock after 7 and half days ie between 7th and 8th day as well as on 14/15th day.
The santiago,Argentina quake occured between 7th and 8th day of major quake of 25th December 2010
The prbable dates for 2011 quakes (7+) will be posted soon on this blog as well as on my web page