Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Christchurch earthquakes(6.0) on 13th June 2011

Please see my earhquake prediction for June 2011,wherein date 12th June 2011 was mentioned for 6.5 quake.Today ,we have eathquakes that ratteled Christchurch again,including one having 6.0 nagnitude
The accuracy is + or - one day.
I do not know ,why we should not think out of the box and promote the research which is not as per eaxisting theory of plate tectonics.
The existing theory firmly believes that ,the quakes can not be predicted.Hence do not encourage any such earthquake prediction research.One can see the track records of various date hit predictions(including the infamous Feb 2011 christchurch quake of 6.3) on this blog
There are few more quakes expected till 15/16th June 2011.PLEASE NOTE- LOCATIONS ARE NOT PREDICTED.
As of to day,pin pointing location is difficult ,nevertheless if time and resources are provided it can be done(in principle)

Friday, June 03, 2011

Earthquake prediction for June 2011---6.5+

Here are some dates of June 2011 for major earthquakes(6.5)
For those who wish to check accuracy of predictions ,here are some dates to be observed.
please note place is not predicted

1)9th June-----------------(6.3)
2)12th June----------------(6.5)
3)15th/16th June ----------(7.0+)
4)30th June /1st July 2011--(7.0)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Earthquake of 6.4 at Bio Bio Chile ,on 1st June 2011

Please see my earlier post
Where in a major quake of 6.5+ was predicted

and a quake of 6.4 at Bio Bio Chile on the predicted date ie to day 1st June 2011
Do we call it a date hit?
I am afraid one more is to come between 19 to 21 UTC to day ie 1st June 2011(Place not known)

Between 1991 to 2010 there are 1203 quake of 6.4 and above ie on an average there are 60 quakes of 6.4+ per year
the odds for date hit are 60/365 ie 1/6th ie 0.17
Any comments?