Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Italian scientists arrested for not predicting 2009 earthquake/not warning people

Italian scientists Jailed for not predicting 2009 quake of 6.3 which killed more than 300 people
pl see

Now ,we need such accountability. If we are spending hard earned tax payers money in the name of research ,we need to reply some such harsh questions


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Iceland Volcano eruption dies down on 26th May 2011

please note the news taht,the ash sprewing from the volcano has died down on 26th May 2011.See Google news -volcano eruption - at the right side of this blog.This is a good news.
As the volcano has strated sprewing ash on 21/22 nd May 2011, there are chances of it sprewing ash again on 29/30th May 2011 and/or 1st /2nd June 2011
Please note ,these are my personal openion

Saturday, May 21, 2011

After Japanese super quake of 11th March 2011 ,the area is under more strain??

please see the link-news -
see google news at the right side of this blog-Japanese earthquake: ocean floor moved by 79 feet
The article says
After the maga quake of 11th MArch 2011, there are immense seismic stresses remained in the area(more than that before the quake) and that ,there are chances of further major quake/s
The data showed that-contrary to previous openion-the area have build up massive amount of strain prior to the earthquake.
Now the question is
How such things can happen-with respect to -Plate tectonic theory?
We say that ,after the stress is built up to limit,the quake occur and releases the stresses.
Do we have to rethink the authenticity of plate tectonic theory it self? Are we believing the theory blind folded?


Friday, May 20, 2011

No Major earthquake on 21st May 2011 ,Judgement day

This new post is specifically for those who are afraid of -judgement day -21st May 2011.Lot of news and web sites spread such baseless news .I here by assures one and all that ,there will not be any major earthquake on 21st.and that ,there will not be any judgement day.
keep cool

Eartthquake of magnitude 6.0 at Weatern Turkey on 19th amy 2011

As expected and prdicted in my earlier blog we have a quake of 6.0 at Weastern Turkey.At least 3 people have been killed.Time and again it is noticed that ,the indicaters suggested in my theory are true and have considearable amount of accuracy