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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Open invitation to give probable major earthquake dates

It is pointed out by one gentleman that, my prediction needs to be tested with random dates given by one and all.
I ,here by, request to all persons who wish to check my dates vis a vis random dates given by them, to post dates on this blog by 21st September 2010, 2355Hrs (UTC)
Following things to be noted
1)Each one can post three dates in a month.
2)Dates should be till December 2010 end
3)Earthquakes predicted should be major (6+)
4)Only date hits will be counted,day being as per UTC- OR- As per Roger advise us to do.
5)If time is given ,it should be in UTC
6)Evaluations will be done after December 2010 by Roger
Amit Dave

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Major quakes for year 2010 were already posted on my blog earlier. However a little modification is given below
1)3rd September 08.10 UTC----6.2
2)8h September--10.30 UTC--7.3
In fact it is expected that ,there could be two major quakes ,one on 8th and another on 9th September 2010 (11.10 UTC--7+)