Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Magnitude 8 earthquake at Santacruz island on 6th Feb 2013, as predicted and request to NZ Govt

Watch accuracy of my prediction(5/6th Feb) in previous posts and to days 8 mag quake at Santacruz island
 You can find many 7+ earthquake predicted dot on date by me on this blog. But the problem is seismologist in general and plate tectonic theory in particular ,believe firmly that, quakes can not be predicted. several major quakes predicted by me are termed as flukes
  I have ,then. invited one and all to give random dates for major quakes,well in advance and compare random dates given by people against my dates. if my predictions are flukes, people giving random dates have same chance of success or failure. out of ten such people at least seven should beat my prediction ,if my dates are below average.Unfortunately no one turned up.
  now I request NZ Govt to take serious note of this ,and allow me to work on this topic as a full time research student,as I can not spare time for this work after my regular engineering duties


Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hypothesis for major(8.5+) earthquake occurance

 I have collected some dates on 8.5+ quakes from 2000  to 2012

Now some observations  are

1)out of these six quakes 4 were either on Full Moon or New Moon ( one in window)
2) three were on Moon at Max declination
3) Three were on dates when Moon was closest to Earth

so as a thumb rule Hypothesis for a layman, it can be stated that---

when moon is at maximum declination,closest and /or a full moon or new moon a major(6.5+) quake may occur within + or - one day


Friday, February 01, 2013

window in window ,for February 2013 quake prediction

 February probable quake dates are posted here.
Now what is given here ,is the time window (+ or - one hr) during these dates.

1)5th Feb 2013----------0230UTC
6)18th------------------ 1210

 These time is given to check the time accuracy, rest of the terms (magnitude) remains the same