Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

generalized theory for naturaldisaster prediction

pl see my previous blogs of 12th February 2009 and 20th October 2009 regarding generalized theory. The dates maentioned here are prone for naural disasters like earthquakes , volcanic eruptions, cyclones and cloud burst.This is because tidal force act on molten lava gives quakes and volcanic eruptions.Tidal force acting on oceans gives high tides, that on clouds gives cloud burst and the same force acting on atmosphere will give cyclones.
Thus, all dates mentioned here should also be watched for other natural disasters.
pl note cyclone in Europe on 28th February 2010 which killed 55 persons.

some questions to plate tectonics

There are several major quakes from 27th February 2010 to 28th February. There are questions for plate tectonics here
1) Why there are major quakes on some particular date?
2) How these quakes,on different plates can be explained ,if they occur on the same date?
3) How the stresses on different plates are released on a single day?
yes,quakes do occur on plate boundaries and that ,there are plates and they are moving. But the fact is
1) Plate boundaries are weaker sections and hence they break earlier due to tidal force.
2) Plates are due to quake and quakes are not due to plates

How the first break in plate occurred?Due to heat currents of molten magma?
The earth crust would not have solidified at he place where splitting heat currents were already present.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile and Japan quakes to day

please note major quakes ,first 7.0 at Japan and 8.8 at Chile to day as against my prediction of 28th February 2010. Tsunami warning is also issued. It is high time we look in to the theories other than plate tectonics. Accuracy/window of +or - 24 Hrs is good enough to justify my theory.
Yes ,I admit,right now I do not predict or pin point places. Accuracy of my place prediction is less than 40%,hence it is not advisable to disclose it, besides i is an offense under Indian Disaster Act to spread rumors..Nevertheless, once we understand the theory,I am sure places also can be predicted with fair amount of accuracy.
I am afraid, tomorrow there could be yet another.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thumb rule for predicting major quakes (>7.0)

Here are some thumb rules whereby any one can predict the major earthquakes (>7.0) to fair amount of accuracy
1) find out the date/s when either Jupiter or Saturn is changing the direction from direct to retro gate or vice a versa.
2) 15 days before and 15 days after this date is the window period for major quakes.
3) find the date when moon either joins/opposes or squares this planet or Sun.
4)watch out for Full moon and new moon in this window period
5) If both Jupiter and Saturn are changing the direction with in a span of 4/5 days the quake/s would be even more than 8.0
6) magnitude can be fine tuned depending upon proximity of Moon, Jupiter and Saturn.
7) Earth closer to Sun, Moon on equator, aspects of planets can be used to fine tune the magnitude.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

open debate on earthquake prediction theory vis a vis plate tectonics

last year I had a good healthy debate on earthqauke prediction (tidal force theory verses plate tectonic with one of my learned friend. I would like every one to see it and comment ,if any. Pl see te links
Amit dave