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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Earthquake Prediction for December 2016

Hi All

Please give four random dates for December 2016. As I am going to give four probable dates for December 2016.It will be easier to compare my dates with all other dates .Dates expected from Roger, Anonymous, Philip and Curiou.
I will give dates after at least four (including Roger) will give random probable dates for  6+ quakes ,with + or - one day window period .Time and date reference will be UTC
I also request Roger to clarify the norms of evaluation of all such four dates received against my fifth dates,
please post the dates by 29th of November ,so that ,on last day I can do some calculations



Monday, October 31, 2016

Earthquake Prediction for November -2016

please find herewith the probable dates for 6+ quakes for the month of November 216

1)  7th November .......6.4

2)15th November ......6.6

3)21st November ......6.3

The time window is + or - one day

The probable date and time (+ or - 6 Hrs ) are also mentioned here with

1)7th November........20 UTC

2)14 th.....................15 UTC

3)17th....................12 UTC

4)22nd ...................4 UTC


Sunday, October 02, 2016

Earthquake Prediction for the month of October 2016

Here are probable dates for 6+ quake for the month of October 2016.
 One change made for this month is Two dates are given up to 17th October 2016.
If required one date may be added on 18th Oct ( of course before opening of window period)
 This is because , after 17th ,I do not find any potent date as of now.However, looking at the results up to 17th , may add one date (may be 22nd)

1) 8th Oct ...............6.4

2) 16th Oct.............6.6

window period is + or - one day


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Earthquake prediction for September 2016

 Here are the probable dates for major (6+) earthquakes , with window period of + or- one day

1) 2nd September 2016......................6.3

2)10th ..............................................6.4

3) 17th ...........................................6.7



the dates are for major quakes , however it can go go up to 7


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

6.2 earthquake at Itly on 23rd/24th August 2016

 Please note 6.2 earthquake at Itly on 24th early morning.
Also pl note the prediction date and magnitude for August 2016.
Yes. It can be said that,the quake is 1 hour late as per prediction.
 I would like to ask one question.
 When seismologist predict a major quake with window period of say 500 years,why are we not taking any objection.What on earth to do with such wide window years
 Think out of the box
wake up USGS

Friday, August 19, 2016

7.4 earthquake at South georgia island on 19th August 2016....A date hit hit prediction.

 Please note a major earthquake of 7.4 at South Georgia island on 19th August 2016.
This is a date hit major quake prediction
 Anybody believe this as a fluke or just by a chance?
  USGS need to be open for theories other thanplate tectonics.
Amit dave

Friday, August 12, 2016

Major earthquakes predicted for 14th August 2016....( with Disclaimer)

 Watch accuracy of earthquake prediction for the month of August 2016 . Predicted date 13th Aug
2016 with + or - one day accuracy. Actual quakes are
7.2 on 12th at Loyalty Island
6.1 on 12th at South of Fiji

  I expect one more 6+ ( may be 6.5+) on 14th at 14 UTC ( + or - 6 Hrs)

and probable locations are
95 degrees East or 85 degrees west ( + or - 15 degrees)


 This is only a prediction and it is not supposed to be correct . This may not be treated as a warning


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Earthquake prediction for August 2016

Here are probable dates for 6 and 6+ quake for the month of August 2016

1) 5th August ....6.2
2) 13th August...6.5
3)  19th August...6.3
4) 22th  August...6.4
5) 26th  August...6.6

Amit Dave

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Earth quake prediction for July 2016

Here are the probable dates for 6+ quakes in July 2016
1) 3rd/4th
2) 15th
3) 19th
4) 27th

Sunday, June 12, 2016

 Sorry, This is pertaining to my book and not earthquakes. Though it is related ,in a way that earthquakes and fear of quake may some time induce clinical depression.

My book -A Gifted Toy - is under printing and will be ready by this month end. The book is basically for people recovering from depression. It says that ,the depression is like a Gift from God and you can come out with flying colors.Those who wish to have a look /purchase can contact

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Earthquake Prediction for June 2016

  The probable dates for major earthquakes in the month of June are as follows

1) 5th June  2016.....

2)18th/19th June 2016..

3) 29th June 2016..

window period is + or - one day

As on the date of Moon at Perigee( closest to Earth in the month ie about 57 ER -IE 57 Earth radius,we have one 6.5 quake, The date has passed hence omitted from the list


Monday, May 02, 2016

Earthquake prediction for May 2016

Major earthquakes (6.5+) prediction for the month of  May 2016 are

1) 9th May 2016
2) 15th May  2016
3)23rd May 2016
4)29th May 2016.....(could be between 6.0 to 6.5)

Amit Dave

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

6.9 earthquake in Burma and NE India on 13th April 2016

 Yes , I am aware that, this quake is 12 hrs outside my window period,. But it says a lot about potential of dates selected for 6.5+ quakes
 Tis moth is special and have much potential due to some specific reasons like Mars closest, Mars changing Direction and Mars at Maximum Declination. Between 12th and 13th Moon was at Maximum declination North. Though Pluto have less potential, it is also changing direction this month. Today ie on 13th at the time of quake Moon was opposing Pluto.
 Next potential date is 26th of this Month (+ or - one day window)

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

6.9 earthquake at Vanuatu on 6th April 2016, a date hit prediction

 pl note 6.9 quake on 6th April 2016, a date hit 6.5+ prediction

    Now ,the magnitude is 6.5+ and the date hit prediction
Roger, what are the odds of 6.9 ,date hit prediction


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Earthquake prediction for April 2016

 Here are the probable dates for major quakes for the month of April 2016
 The difference ,this time is -
The quakes predicted are more than 6.5 (unlike 6+ predicted earlier)
The prediction dates are reduced ,this time to three ( which usually is 4)
The window period ,however is + or - one day

1)6th April 2016

2)11th April 2016

3) 26th April 2016


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Addition to March 2016 prediction....15th to 16th March

 It was observed ,time and again that, the change in declination of major planet and change in direction of major planets ,is more powerful than the pull. This could be due to imbalance/change in momentum. This was again observed during my last date ie 9th March 2016.
  Thus , the date 15th Noon (UTC ) to 16th Noon UTC is a potent date.
  as an exception , I would like to add this date to my prediction.
 Rest of the parameters will be same

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

7.9 earthquake at Sumatra on 2nd March 2016, A date hit prediction

 please note 7.8 quake at Sumatra to day ie 2nd March 2016. A date hit prediction.
 Any one still says it is just by chance , a fluke or out of the hat prediction ?

    This further confirms that, as per my cycle quake theory ( and predicted date) another major quake is almost certain (place not known) after 7th /8th day ie 8th to 10th  March  2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Earthquake prediction for Month of March 2016

 the probable dates of 6+ quakes in March 2016 are

1) 2nd March...................6.3

2) 9th March...................7.0

3)23rd march.................6.5

window period is + or - one day


Friday, February 12, 2016

Presence of Gravitational waves confirmed

 This is some unusal post.
 Today's breaking news is , Albert Einstein was correct in predicting that, gravity has its own waves. and it is all a matter os space time fabric , which gives gravity to a body

 Does that means , the force and pull equations (Newtonian ) are not useful in calulating gravitational pull ?

  Any scholar in the field of relativity ( both special and General ) can please comment on the issue?

Amit Dave

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Earthquake Prediction/forecast for Feb 2016

 Sorry for posting the date late
 Probable dates for 6+ quakes in Feb are

1) 6th /7th Feb 2016--------------6.5

2)11th--------------------------- 7.1

3)23rd--------------------------- 6.8

Date 6/7th means 12 Noon of 6th to 12 Noon of 7th UTC

out f three dates the 11th is most potent, Next potent is 233rd/24th

watch out

 Amit Dave

 Addition-( this addition done  on 5th  Feb at 16.15 UTC )
 To be more specific , Here are the time in UTC for quake to occur

1) 8th Feb-------11.45 UTC
2) 10th ----------20.00 UTC
3)11th------------03.00 UTC
4)22nd-----------18.00 UTC
5)24th------------04.00 UTC

Amit Dave

Yet another addition ( at 17.00 UTC  on 5th Feb 2016)

probable longitudes for quakes are given below

1)  not specified
2) 10th -----92 degree s East and/or  88 degree west
3)11th ------170 degrees East and /or 10 degrees west
4)22nd--------92 degrees East and /or 88 degrees west
5) 24th -------42 degrees  west and /or 138 degrees East

Amit Dave