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Friday, October 30, 2009

Earthquakes in October 2009

There are at least 28 major quakes (>6.0) occurred in this month(as predicted). Some of them are
a high as 6.9 to 7.9
Is this a mere co-incidence?
On an average there are 16-18 major quakes (6.0 to 6.9 ) in a year.
How is plate tectonics theory of earthquakes explain this?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Earthquakes for remaining dates of October 2009-intimation to USGS

This month's positions of planets triggering major quakes is now fading away. Some of he last major quakes of this month will be
26th October 2009----0530 Indian std time (IST)
27th October 2009----1135 Hrs IST
Both quakes will be more than 6.2
Places not known.

The strong position of planets was mainly due to Jupiter changed the direction on 13th Oct as well as proximity of some of the planets to earth

still more quakes in OCtober 2009- USGS reuested to observe

pl note following recent quakes in this month

22/10/09--Hindikush- 6.2
23/10/09--santacruz isalnd--6.0
24/10/09--Banda sea-------7.0
24/10/09--indonesia --5.5

USGS is here by requested to check the major quakes before and after 15 days of major planets changing the direction.

It is observed that,Jupiter,Venus and Saturn (in that order) while changing direction causes major quakes
In such three months almost 90% major quakes( >6.0) occur.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Earthquakes in October 2009

USGS is requested to cross check the eartquakes from 25th September to 25th October 2009.
There are more than 25 quakes more than 6.0 on richter scale and one quake more than 8.0.
The month (15 days before and after the date where major planets changes the direction ) is most prone to major quakes

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Extensio to Tidal force theory

Tidal force theory can be extended to various layer, in the same plane ,like
1) Force acting on molten lava creates major earthquakes
2) Force acting n crust produces ,ruptures and hence ,volcanic eruptions
3) Force acting on oceans creates major tides
4) force acting on atmosphere and clouds produces downpours and cyclones
That is why , the dates prone to major earthquakes are also prone to all these natural calamities
watch out

Saturday, October 17, 2009

earthquakes cycles and clusters

we have seen how earthquakes are induced. There are two major components ,besides several small components.
1) Major planets changing he direction
2) Moon joining /aspecting planet which is changing the direction and /or Moon joining/opposing or squaring the Sun
Now ,there will be two separate cycles of quake clusters in that month( in which major planet ie Jupiter and /or Saturn changes the direction)
First one due to Moon and Planet pair aspects
Second due to Moon and Sun aspects
Intensity depends on several other factors like
1.Moon closest to earth
2.Moon on equator
3. Moon at extreme declinations
4. Major planet closest to earth
5. Sun and Moon on same declination
6. Other planets in close aspects
7. Earth crust below the resultant pull line (ie plate boundary or not)
8.Sun at equator
Thus , there will two separate cycles of major quakes in such month
Each cycle have frequency of quakes at seven and half days intervals ,till potent position fades away. Seven and half days because Moon takes seven and half days to acquire next potent position at 90 degrees apart.
Watch such cycles in this month ie October 2009
We need to think out of the box ie outside plate tectonics theory for earthquake predictions
It is true that, there are plates and they are moving. It is also true that, more quakes occur at plate boundaries ,but that is because the plate boundaries are weakest link
More correct statement is
"Plates are due to quakes and quakes are not due to plates"
Amit Dave

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Early warning for USGS-Earthquake prediction for 13th Oct 2009

Pl note that ,on 13th October 2009 at 10.35 GMT there will be a major quake and /or cyclones ,as per my theory.Pl treat this as advance notification /prediction of the same. THE QUAKE WILL BE ATLEAST OF 7.5 MAGNITUDE.

Monday, October 05, 2009


pl see my predictions and actual occurrences of major quakes ,tsunami, cyclones in last couple of days.
on 13th of Oct 2009 Jupiter changes the direction from retro gate to direct, this is the main cause of these calamities. When major planets changes the direction ,it changes the momentum of molten lava below the earth crust. Either it accelerates or brakes the speed and momentum of lava ,triggering a quake
I shall show you some of the thumb rule for major quakes to occur(more than 6.5 on Richter scale
1. Find out the days when major planets (Jupiter, Saturn Mars or Venus changes the direction from direct to retro gate or vice a versa.
2. Find out whether major planets and Sun are at a position of 0,90,180 or 275 degrees from each other, the more they are positioned ,major will be quake
3. find out whether the planet changing direction is closest or farthest, this will decide the intensity of the quake
4 The day and time when The Moon either joins opposes or squares the planet changing the direction or The Sun, there will be a major quake
5 Intensity depends on the closeness,opposition or squareness of planets with Moon
pl see the blog for detail open discussions on my theory
finer aspects like declinations,apogee and perigee are not given here
love you all