Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Earthquake prediction for February 2013

 As already mentioned several times,when major planets changes the direction ,there are chances of major quakes,provided other indicators co insides. Jupiter have already changed the direction from retro-gate to direct on 29th January 2013. As a result we had several 6+ quakes between 28 to 31 st of January 2013
  Now,the effect of this Jupiter change of direction along with Saturn and Mercury also changes the direction may give major quakes ( may be 7+) in February 2013
 Following are the probable dates for major quakes ( as well as volcanic eruption ) in February

1)5th/6th February 2013------------------7.0
2)10th February---------------------- 6.4
3)18th February---------------------  6.5
4)26th February---------------------- 6.6

 I expect February may witness several 6+ quakes .

5th /6th February are most potent dates .

time window + or - one day (UTC).5/ 6th means noon of 5th to noon of 6th
magnitude window + or - 0.3
place not known

Friday, January 25, 2013

How differential pull on earth induce a quake or can erupt a volcano

1)Tidal pull on ocean creates several meters of high tides.It is actually not tidal pull but the differential pull on water due to Moon as well as center of earth.this is only the reason why we get high tide at the opposite end of the earth.It also depends on volume of water it acts.More the volume more the effect of differential pull.This is again the reason why we do not have measurable high tide in a pond.
  Now considering huge volume of semisolid fluids/magma in side the crust ( how many times more than ocean water?) it is also acted upon by the same differential pull. And in turn may have greater high tide (at X-X axis) and low tides( at Y-Y axis). when the these differential pull exceed the limit it creates thrust on earth crust from inside). When this pull comes beneath the weaker crust or fault line it break the crust. If it comes below a volcano mouth it can erupt a volcano, This is why the dates are also prone to eruptions.Now as earth moves in orbit and along axis it becomes difficult to pin point where and when it will be below a fault line
  the quakes occurs at plate boundaries only because they are weaker section and breaks first

  roger, what you are talking is force ,but it is deferential pull that water gains  the tides.
   what do you think,a force equipment to make mouse sneeze can move ocean waters by 4 to 6 mts high?