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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Result of openion poll-Can Earthquakes be predicted?

 A question was asked on this blog-
 Can earthquakes be predicted?
In answer ,total 1591 people have gave their openion,which are as follows
1) Yes------------505----31%
3)Possibly Yes---582---36%

If we add up -Yes and possibly Yes ,it add up to 67%
Any comments?

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Earthquake prediction for July 2012


 First date for July was already posted in my June prediction., and which was correct,Due to lack of time I am un able to concentrate on my calculations for rest of the adtes of July 2012.I am not a full time research guy,but find some time after full dyas work(8 am to 8 pm). I would love to work full time on the topic if supported by NZ Government
Nevertheless ,further dates are posted here with for your cross checking
1)16th July 2012-----------6.4

2)19th July 2012-----------6.2

3)22nd July 2012.---------6.3

4)29th July 2012----------6.8

 This time , I would like to check the dates (as per UTC), without any + or - one day window period


 Recent quake of June 2012 having magnitude 7.0(or 6.2? ) at NZ ,has made me think several questions?

USGS has stated that the quake was of magnitude 6.2, where as NZ media and other News has quoted it as having magnitude 7.0
Now the question is why such variations in magnitudes ? Which one is correct, or the other one is less accurate?
  My questions to elite seismologist are

How many,minimum, seismographs readings are required to arrive at accuracy of one decimal?
Are local (NZ) seismologist and Govt not doing proper homework before publishing magnitudes, if USGS is taken as ture and correct observer?

Can any ons or even NZ officials throw some light on this issues?

If ,we are to allow such huge differnece in observations, how are we (seismologist) asking dot accuracy from people like myself,who gives estimates well before an event?
 Any answers?