Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Saturday, August 30, 2008


The earthquake dates mentioned for September 2008 are having maximum potential /strength
to trigger big quakes.However the quakes preceeds this dates (pre shocks ) and occur after the dates(after shocks) in less intensities.
As the Moon is the main trigger (after planets changinging the direction -direct to Retrogate and vice versa -Jupitor in case of September quakes),these quakes occur before and after 7.5 days, 15 days,22 days and 30 th day of the original date.This is because moon takes next strong position (90 degrees apart ) after every week
pl watch the dates

Saturday, August 23, 2008

some more fetures of Tidal force Theory

As per my theory the dates of September 2008 are already published in my blog. However one more thing required to be noted is that , the dates shown are the peak force dates ,and have maximum potential of triggering the quakes. However , the quakes follow a sinusoidal pattern. As the dates mentioned approaches nearer the quake intensity and frequency keep on increasing. After the date shave passed the tidal force slowly fades away.
Thus , there are fair chances of quakes of 6.5 to 6.8 Richter scale on following dates also
27 th August 2008----0415 Hrs IST
31 th August 2008-----0115 Hrs IST
Also 22 nd and 23 rd September 2008----up to 7.0 on Richter scale
pl watch the dates

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Request to USGS to observe the dates in September 08 for major quakes

Sir /Madam
pl see my earlier mails of earthquake predictions and actual occurrences.
Here I am giving some more dates for September 2008 for quakes more than 7.0 on Richter scale.
Yes , As of today I am unable to pin point the place for the quakes . Nevertheless I strongly believe that it can well be predicted. In fact I have already pin pointed the places for these quakes . However the accuracy of place is not higher than 50 %
Hence I can not disclose the same publicly.
Science ,can predict the quakes in Himalayan region any time from tomorrow to 100 years span,(such predictions are useless) but My predictions are asked tobe precise.What is the harm being more vigil on 12 to 15 dates in an year ?
In all probability (90% major quakes will occur on these dates only)
Why science is not open to any thing other than plate tectonics? If the plate tectonics was correct By now it should be able to predict the quakes accurately.
I believe, The plates are due to quakes and quakes are not due to plates

I am basically an Engineer, and my theory is based on pure tidal force theory
This email is specifically written for USGS in general and Linda in particular.
I would like USGS to watch the dates in September 2008 (8th,10th,15th and 16 th September 2008)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

some quaestins to plate tectonics

A few question to MR.kher who have some doubts and questions for my theory of earthquake prediction
(1) Does moon force depend on the body it is acting?
(2) How such a small force produce 4.5 mtrs of high tide in the oceans?
(3) can we observe high tide and low tides in a bucket full of water? why ?
(4) Does mass and volume of molten lava is more than that of waters in the oceans?
Now some questions to Plate Tectonics
(1) Why there are quakes at other than plate boundaries?
(2) How and why the initial two plates ie Laurasia and Gondwanaland
separated initially ? Due to heat currents or Due to Earth rotation?
Because magma will not solidify at the places where splitting forces are already there how did they separated ?
(1)Why there are major quakes allover the globe ,on different plate on a given date?
(2) Why some months are prone to major natural disasters Like May 2008?
(3)Why some of the major quakes have occured onf
full moon or new moon day. BOth Latur(30-09-1993) and Bhuj 26-01-2001)quakes are on full moon day
(4) How does plate tectonics explains pre shocks ?
Amit J Dave