Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earthquake and weather hypothesis

 Here are two hypothesis I would like to propose

 1) Flash floods, cyclones and earthquakes are interrelated.
 look at to days (24th April) quake at Afghanistan and flash floods. Time and again i have noticed this
 2) whenever,the Jupiter reaches maximum declination either north or south, frequency of major quakes increases.
  This year ie Oct 2012 and again now April 2013 we have Jupiter at maximum declination and hence more quakes ( considering other factors also)

  April 25th and 28 th 2013 are two potent dates,place not known )

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Earthquake prediction for April 2013

 First of all ,an apology for not posting probable dates of current month till 14th April. Due o some urgent official work I could not calculate the details of probable dates.Even to day also. I could not spare time.
   To day,ie 14th April 2013 .there is a major quake of 6..6 at Papua New Guinea.
   I am aware ,that,justifying delay is not good, Never the less ,you can check ,as per my theory,the quake of 6.6 to day
  Moon at Maximum declination
  Moon Joining the Jupiter
 Jupiter is closer to Earth

  I wish,I could devote full time to my hobby and stop working as a full time Engineer.I am also aware that, this will not happen ,unless,Govt sponsor or at least support my research plan