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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April 2011 earthquake predictions-modified

The originally predicted dates for April 2011 are 3rd and 17th (7.5+).
However ,they are now a bit modified as under ( with one more date and lesser magnitude).
( 1) 3rd April 2011--6.8.
(2)9/10th April 2011---7.1. (ie 9th Noon to 10th Noon UTC).
(3)17th April 2011----6.9.
Window period is + or - one day.
Magnitude window is + or - 0.3.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Myanmar earthquake,6.8-on 24th March 2011

We have japan quake on 11th March ie Moon at maximum declination.Again we have myanmar earthquake on 24th afternoon.This too when Moon at maximum declination.
Besides ,cycle quake theory of 7/8 and 14/15th Day to be observed
Sun was also on zero declinations on 22/23rd

Friday, March 18, 2011

Evaluation of earthquake prediction theories(other than plate tectonics) by Science

At the out set ,let me make it clear that, these are my views and I do not intend to offend any branch of Science or any body.
There are three reasonns ,why ,Other theories (specially tidal pull theory ) could not score above average
1)The averages of earthquakes occuring in a year are calculated ,on the basis of total number of quakes occuring ,incluing pre shocks and after shocks. Where as while evaluating ,only one hit per date is taken in to account,though ,there are several quakes on given date.
Considering all quakes occuring ,while calculating odds and taking in to account only one hit per day,is not justified.Either ,we take them all ,or we take only one quake per day,equally in both the cases(ie while calculating odds and while evaluating)
2) Whenever Scientists/Seismologist have evaluated the tidal pull theory ,they have only taken in to account Moon Phases(only one indicater).Very few must have taken in to account both ,phases of Moon as well as Distance of Moon from Earth ie Perigee. Thus ,only partial theory is evaluated ,which can not excced Odds ,calcualted as 1) above.
Recently ,one my friend Roger have tried to complile several indicaters simultenously .
3) Third reason ,I do not want to disclose,as it may offend science faternity

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Earthquake.8.9 and tsunami-11th March 2011

please note Japan major quake and tsunami.Actual predicted date is 20th March 2011(please note no place is predicted).However, as per cycle quake theory(7/8 day before and after) a quake of 6.5 to 6.8 was expected (not 8.9)
Now ,some of the questions plate tectonics and seismologist need to answer to people ,who have lost their loved ones ,and hard earned money,are
1)If major quakes occur due to build up stresses on the plate boundries,can we not measure the stresses? and predict the dates?
2)Even after spending millions of Dollars ,in research (in the same direction) ,if we can not predict the dates,Do we need to stop and rethink?
3)Is is not possible that,there could be other reasons for major quakes?(other than plate tectonics)
4)Are we wasting tax money paid by the people?
5)Shall we support any alternate theory,or at least have a look at it?
6) Are we treating effect(plates) as the cause (of quakes)?
Think out of the box

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Tarapaca,Chile eathquake ,6.2 on 6th March 2011

Despite Moon at Apogee (far away),we have to day Chile Earthquake of 6.3.This means ,by cycle quake theory,the days after 7th/8th and 14th /15th may get quakes
Thus ,Moon on 19th20th March 2011 at closest and Full Moon,Jupiter and Venus faster and in close aspects,Mercury changing direction 30th March and joining Moon on 21st,Moon and Sun at same declination
are the reasons for a possible quake on 20th March 2011(+ or - 1 day)
If ,there is an Volcanic eruption during the period ,the magnitude may be reduced
But---But--Let me make it clear once again ,I DO NT PREDICT PLACE AND HENCE NOBODY SHOULD BE SCARED-

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Message to Moon Man-weather prediction

Moon Man
This is how you have been introduced by your fellow country men.
I totally agree with you.Moon is the main trigger in quakes ,volcano,cloud burst of unusual nature and cyclones
Time and again I have noticed that ,on the predicted dates of quake these disasters also occur
The infamous Iceland Volcano eruption and China quake of May 2010 on the same day.
Tidal pull applies at all levels
1)Molten Magma inside the crust-Earthquakes and eruption
2)the earth crust-Mud slides
3)Ocean waters-High tides and low tides
4)Clouds-cloud burst
5)Atmosphere- cyclones and typhoon
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