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Saturday, January 29, 2011

February 2011 earthquake prediction

1)To day ,we have Moon at extereme delination-we have a quake of 6.1
2)on 3rd Feb ,Moon is away from earth,so quake may not be more than 6.2
3)on 19 th we have full Moon ,as well as Moon at Perigee on 19th,Moon n equator Saturn Just changed direction so chaces are 6.8 quake(pl note magnitude is slightly reduced from 7+ o 6.8 (+ or - 0.3)
4) on 21st--6.4(will be finally decided by cycle quakes,before window period
All window period + or - one day and quake +or- 0.3 magitude

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Earthquakes at Tazakistan , Indonesia and VOlcanic eruption at Southern Japan-Mt Shimoek-One more hypothysis

I am aware that, by uploading this blog, I may invite a debate on the issue.
It was previously stated ,on this blog and on my web page ( that,the dates mentioned here are prone to natural disasters( volcanic eruption ,cyclones,and sudden cloud brust )also. Detailed explation of all these were also given.
The hypothysis ,now I am proposing is- If on the dates of major quakes predicted ,a vocano eruption occurs (in window period)-the magnitude of the quake will be less than expected.
This is because ,the build up tidal presuure gets released when volcanic eruption occurs at the same time

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Indonesia earthquake of 6.1, to day ie on 26th January 2011

Though ,this is smaller quake (6.1) than predicted,it is well in window period of + or - one day.
Time and again ,my theory is proved correct.
Let us think out of the box

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tazakistan earthquake of 6.2 on 24th January 2011

Few of my friends have poited out that, todays (24th January 2011) quake of 6+ at Tazakistan could be as per my prediction .It is in window period of + or - one day.
However,I am not satisfied with this quake. I think there is yet another,biger one, to come in 48 well within my window period.However, place can not be said as of now
Fingers are crossed

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pakistan earthquake ,7.2 and morderate earthquake at Delhi on 19th January 2011-A date hit

Please note to days pakistan earthquake of 7.2 ,ie on 19th january 2011 ,as predicted.
This is yet another date hit of 7+ quake. How many times do w say it is by chance or by fluke.?
On an average there are 15 number of 7+ eathquake per year. ie 15/360=0.0416 ie 4.16 percentage.
If we give a random date, chances of date hit for 7+ quake is nearly 5% only
watch out the next date 25/26th January 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Earthquakes ,7+, for 2010 and theory

as already mentioned earlier 7+ quakes occurs (generally ) with
1) 15 days before and after major planets changes the directions
2) Phases of Moon
3) Moon at Perigee,earth closet to Sun
4)Moon at maximum declinations
5)Moon having aspects (0,90,180 and 270 degrees ) with planets changing the directions
No window period here ,only date heat
Now we have 22 major 7+ quakes in 2010 out of which 13 are date hits ,as per above theory
3rd-sun closest to Earth ( This is not considered in 13 mentioned above ,as I have not disclosed it earlier.though it is a criteria to give maximumpull)
12th-Maxi Declination and Sat Moon aspect
26- miss
27 -Maxi decli
4th- Moon maxi decli
6th-Neap tide (8th ady tide)
9th Moon joins Jupt
27th Full Moon
12th new moon
16th Moon maxi declination
18th-Neap tide
23rd -three quakes-Moon maxi declination and Moon squres Jupt
4th Miss(neap tide on 3rd )
3rd Moon squares Jupiter
29th Moon at maxi declination
25th Miss
21st Full Moon
25th -Moon at perigee

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Yet another hypothesis- Declinations and earthquakes places

I am aware that ,by opening this blog and hypothesis ,I may be opening a big debate. I may not be able to prove it right now ,but this is a simple hypothesis based on observations
Earth moves with 23 and half degree NE declined. Moon maximum declination is 24 degrees North or South. Hence,23+24 =47 degrees North maximum declinaion. Similarly 23-24 =-1 degrees.This is because from maximum declinations Moon changes the declination and hence momemtum change in molten magma.
The maximum and major earthquakes occur at 37 to 57 degrees North as well as south(47+ or -10 degrees)(As tidal pull applies diagonlly it replicate at south also). Regarding -1 position ,the major and frequaent quakes occur at 9 degrees North to 11 degrees South(-1 + or -10 degrees)
These are just observations and no stats or mathematical calculations are done yet.
I believe,,this is the reason why we have potent and frequent quakes at these places
open for criticism

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Araucania, chile earthquake of 7.1 ,on 3rd December 2011

please see my yesterday posting for 7+ quakes for the year 2011. It was mentioned that,-as we are close to window opening for 4th december 2011,7+ quake, I wiil not post it- just observe.
Please note todays 7.1 quake of chile, as predicted
please keep observing the dates through out the year

earthquake prediction dates (7+) for the year 2011

As stated earlier,please note the dates for probable major earthquakes (7+). The window period will be + or - one day (UTC). Figures in brackets shows 7.5+ quake on that date only.
1) January 2011------19,25
3)March-------------- 20(7.5+)
5) May---------------16,29
11) November-------24

Total 28 dates hence 84 window dates ie 23.3 % of the year
There is one chance of 7+ on 4th January 2011.However as we are very close to window openiing that was not posted
Depending on cycle quakes ,occurring 7 days in advance, few dates may be modified (well in advance of window opening)
Please watch dates

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Santiago Del estero Argenina 7.3 earthquake on 1st January 2011

First of all ,let me make it clear that ,for 2011 I have not yet posted any dates. However, if you look at my previous posts and my web page ( you will find a term -cycle quakes-. When a major quakes occurs ,there will be a major aftershock after 7 and half days ie between 7th and 8th day as well as on 14/15th day.
The santiago,Argentina quake occured between 7th and 8th day of major quake of 25th December 2010
The prbable dates for 2011 quakes (7+) will be posted soon on this blog as well as on my web page