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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Earthquake predicion for September 2011

Earthquake prediction for September

With little modification to my Annual prediction for september ,here are the probable dates

1)2nd September 2011-------6.8

2)5th September 2011-------6.5

3)12th September 2011-----7.0

4) 27th/28th Sept 2011-----7.2

9th and 16th are under observation for 6+ quake



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene at East coast of USA

Hurricane Irene strikes east coast of US.
The dates predicted are prone for quake/volcanic eruption or Hurricanes(tropical cyclones
1)when the tidal pull is high and breaks the earth crust patially , a quake occurs
2) When the pull is directly under volcano mouth, and strong enough to open up the mouth of dormant volcano , an eruption occurs
3) When the high tide pull is more the low tides are also more ( 90 degrees apart on earth)
When the place comes out of low tide effect due to low pressure created ,air rushes to fill the place. If such air passes through ocean waters having specific temperature (26/27 degrees) ,the air gathers momentum from latent heat of ocean waters. Thus ,a tropical cyclone is created
Thus dates predicted here are prone to all these Natural disasters.
4) A cloud burst of unusual nature is also due to high tide pull

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Virginia,Colorado and San Fransisco earthquakes on 22nd /23 rd August 2011

Please see some of the unusual quakes at Virginia of magnitude 5.9.
Roger,the colarodo quake must be felt by you also .The unusual thing is ,the area (Virginia) is supposed to be a green zone (not prone to quake)
To day,CNN news showed USGS official saying this.It is also not understood ,how it was felt in so much wide area.Do we not have details of fault lines here.More surprisingly ,the official from USGS was seen plotting numorous fault lines accross the area
Can anybody explain this?
It has proved that ,quakes occurs anywhere other than major fault lines? Are we upgarding area to prone area after such quakes occur? or is there any other criteria?
Whatch the date hit predictions
Watch 27th And 29/30th August 2011 (PLACE NOT KNOWN)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vanuatu earthquakes 7.1 and 7.0 as predicted

Here are two major quakes
7.1 at Vanuatu on 20th August 1655
7.0 at Vanuatu on 20th August 1819

What do you think ,it is hit (7+) date or miss?The predicted date time and magnitude are as follows

22nd August at 0130 UTC and 7.0 magnitude

Your opinions are requested
While writing this ,I am aware that my predictions are for + or - one day window period( which are very stringent for 7.0 quake prediction and also that these quakes are just outside (6Hrs) window period

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Earthquake prediction for August 2011

Earthquakes prediction for August 2011

With slight modification of my Annual earthquake prediction given on this blog,following dates are given

1)6th August 2011----- 6.5

2)13th August 2011---- 6.8

3)22nd August 2011---- 7.0

4)28/29th August 2011-- 7.1

Window period for date is + or - one day

please note that ,all predicted quakes are 6.5+

Place not known


Monday, August 01, 2011

Mount Etna erupts on 30th July 2011

Please note Mt Etna erupted on predicted date 30th July 2011.
The theory of tidal pull and momentum changes in a nutshell is like this
1) There is hot molten magma inside the earth,below the crust
2)The volume of this magma is huge, roughly 3000 odd kms
3)Compared to oceans ,having depth only few kms,this is huge fluid
4)There occurs high tide and low tide inside the crust,exactly like one in oceans
5)On given date when tidal pull is maximum,and have momentum chnage(due to direction change of major planets) this magma breaks the crust
6) If the crust is broken partially.quake occurs.
7) More the pull, more the magnitude of quake
8) If the pressure inside ,comes directly under dorment volcano mouth,it break open the mouth and eruption occurs
9) If eruption occurs on given date ,the quake will be of lesser magnitude than expected( as some of the pressure is released)
Time and again we have noticed that the major quakes and eruption occurs simultenously( the infamous Iceland volcano eruption which have closed the airspace was on the date of major quake in China)
But ...But ... we are not ready to believe this.