Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earthquakes and natural Disasters-Actual vs Predicted

Here is one more proof of dates prone to natural disasters.
please see my predicctd date of quake 25th April 2010 , 2100 Hrs Indian Std Time and 6.6 magnitude.Now look at the listbelow
1) Quake ,6.5, 26th April 2.59 UTC, Taiwan.(see+or -12 Hrs accuracy)
2) Quake ,6.1, 24Th April 7.41UTC , Indonesia
3) Tornedo,160 mph, Mississippi
4)Tornedo at Albama
5)Tornedo at Louissiana
6)Tornedo at arkansas
7) Cyclone at Assam -India
Now, some one have to explain it to me ,how do I believe that ,there is no co relation between all these.If science do not see it,I would not hasitate in sying science is blind folded
If some one says,these are all by chance,how do I believe?
If my predictions are below average I propose following test
Let any three persons give 10 random dates till December 2010.If and only if ,two out of thre can give more hits (more than 80%) I will believe,these predictions were by chance.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

cycle quakes and eruption

we have on 14th April 2010,china quake,Iceland volcanic eruption and west begal cyclone.As per general theory of tidal force, after 7.5 days we may witness some of the above. This is because,after each 7.5 days, Moon moves 90 degrees and acquires next potent position
Most likely hood of renewed volcanic eruption (this was posted eariler -yesterday -below the list of dates for the year 2010)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Earthquakes ad plate tectonics,cause and effect

Another angle of looking at plate tectonic theory

The base of my theory is-some dates are more prone to major quakes than others ,why?
If plate tectonics can ignore some striking co-relation,there is no much hope for any headway by only working on stress strains and ground motions.
I think what we are doing is,interchanging effect as a cause. PLATES ARE THE EFFECTS OF QUAKES and not the cause.In the initial stage there were quakes first and than plates and later plate motions-
If we look with this angle,almost all flaws of plate tectonics can be resolved

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Request to USGS,China quake (14th April 2010) and predicted date-Think out of the box

please note China quake of 6.9 on 14Th April 2010 ,0520 am (IST) against my predicted date.
Time and again it was proved correct. It is high time we should think of theories other than Plate tectonics. I do not know ,why we are so reluctant to look at anything other than plate tectonics
please......please look for and work for tidal force theory also..atleast observe the dates carefully and save some human lives .This has also proved 7.5 day theory for quake,which Roger to note.
I ,here by,request all learned man in general and USGS in perticular to watch my dates till December 2010 posted on the blog (including modified well in advance) and than decide further course of action

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Earthquake prediction depending on cycle quakes

As there are few quakes at Baja,Macaua and Indonesia now ,the quakes on 12th April 2010 1230 UTC and on 14th April 2010 (modified ) are more or less confirmed