Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Earthquake prediction for Month of March 2016

 the probable dates of 6+ quakes in March 2016 are

1) 2nd March...................6.3

2) 9th March...................7.0

3)23rd march.................6.5

window period is + or - one day


Friday, February 12, 2016

Presence of Gravitational waves confirmed

 This is some unusal post.
 Today's breaking news is , Albert Einstein was correct in predicting that, gravity has its own waves. and it is all a matter os space time fabric , which gives gravity to a body

 Does that means , the force and pull equations (Newtonian ) are not useful in calulating gravitational pull ?

  Any scholar in the field of relativity ( both special and General ) can please comment on the issue?

Amit Dave

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Earthquake Prediction/forecast for Feb 2016

 Sorry for posting the date late
 Probable dates for 6+ quakes in Feb are

1) 6th /7th Feb 2016--------------6.5

2)11th--------------------------- 7.1

3)23rd--------------------------- 6.8

Date 6/7th means 12 Noon of 6th to 12 Noon of 7th UTC

out f three dates the 11th is most potent, Next potent is 233rd/24th

watch out

 Amit Dave

 Addition-( this addition done  on 5th  Feb at 16.15 UTC )
 To be more specific , Here are the time in UTC for quake to occur

1) 8th Feb-------11.45 UTC
2) 10th ----------20.00 UTC
3)11th------------03.00 UTC
4)22nd-----------18.00 UTC
5)24th------------04.00 UTC

Amit Dave

Yet another addition ( at 17.00 UTC  on 5th Feb 2016)

probable longitudes for quakes are given below

1)  not specified
2) 10th -----92 degree s East and/or  88 degree west
3)11th ------170 degrees East and /or 10 degrees west
4)22nd--------92 degrees East and /or 88 degrees west
5) 24th -------42 degrees  west and /or 138 degrees East

Amit Dave