Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Indonesia eartquake(7.5) on 25th October 2010, a cyclone and Volcanic eruption

Please note a big quake, a huge cyclone and an eruption all at one time.Time and again it is noticed that on a given date of major quake (+ or - 2 days) , a cyclone as well as volcanic eruption occurs. No body have noticed or bothered to analyze the events , as to why they occur simultenously.This was also noticed when the infamous iceland volcano shut the airports.That was also on the same day of big quake
This idea(theory) was previously posted on my blog. It seems no one would believe this theory.
The theory-extended theory of earthquake prediction-is termed as general theory of tidal forces.
Theory in a nutshell is like this
1) The tidal forces and accelaration /retardation (momentum change) is applicable at all levels ie
molten lava,earth crust, oceans ,clouds and atmosphere
2)In case of molten magma, it can can induce a quake
3) If the force is much higher,it can open up a volcano
4)The same tidal force induces high tide and low tides in oceans
5)In atmosphere, it can create a cyclone at low presure zone
The tidal forces create high density atmosphere at hightide zone and create low presure at low tide zone. The more the tidal force(ie when high magnitude quake is predicted ), the more the low tide also.
This low tide creates ,partial vacuum,and when the place is out of low tide force, air rushes to occupy the patial vacuum. Now, when such air ,flows over ocean with specific temperature (26 to 28 ,if I am correct) it gethers latent heat of ocean waters and produce a cyclone.
6) In atmosphere it can create a huge cloud brust,at high pressure zone
So the dates given for major quakes are also prone to Natural disasters
Amit Dave

Thursday, October 21, 2010

open Invitation..........Earthquake dates..contd

It is noticed that, as there are s many comments, locating and reading comments has become little difficult.
Hence ,this thread is opened for further discussions

As Venus is closer and a full Moon day on 23rd Oct as well as earth is nearer to Sun ,there are fair chances of major quake on 23rd Oct . Besides ,there was 6+ quake on 16th hence as per -Quake cycle theory- (quakes occurring after seven and half days also, there are chances of quake 6.5 (approx ) occurring on 23rd (+ or - 24 Hrs)

From 47°N 7°E:
Ascension - Declination - (AU) -- Altitude Azimuth

Sun         13h 52m 10s   -11° 31.3'     0.995     2.768   69.816 Up
Mercury 14h 9m 24s -12° 53.8' 1.433 4.435 65.706 Up
Venus 14h 15m 52s -20° 49.4' 0.277 -0.723 59.487 Set
Moon 2h 12m 57s +17° 53.6' 62.1 ER -1.118 -118.133 Set
Mars 15h 37m 8s -19° 54.0' 2.313 10.932 44.321 Up
Jupiter 23h 42m 45s -3° 33.3' 4.111 7.814 -76.176 Up
Saturn 12h 42m 2s -2° 8.8' 10.495 -1.996 88.993 Set
Uranus 23h 51m 45s -1° 44.6' 19.247 7.667 -79.085 Up
Neptune 21h 53m 34s -13° 19.2' 29.569 16.376 -48.147 Up
Pluto 18h 12m 47s -18° 42.4' 32.358 23.905 8.225 Up