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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Earthquake prediction for January 2013

 Here are some of the probable dates of Earthquake in January 2013

1)3/4 th January 2013-------------6.4



4)23 rd-------------------------6.5


 place not known. window period + or - 1 day, magnitude - or - 0.3


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Results of earthquake prediction for the year 2012,till July

Here are predicted dates and actual quakes for the current year till July 2012

 And here are actual quakes (hits)

Predicted date and quake-------- Actual quake date and magnitude

1)9th Jan 2012 (6.5)------------Actual --9th (6.4 and  on 10th 7.2)
2)23rd Jan-(6.3)-----------------22nd-(6.0),23rd-(6.1),24th (6.3)
3)8th March-(6.7)----------------9th(6.7)
4)14/15th March-(6.5)------------14th(6.9,6.1,6.2)
5)21st March-(6.4)----------------20th(6.1,7.4),21st(6.6)
6)15th April(6.3)-----------------------14th(6.2,6.2) ,15th(6.2)
7)22Nd April-(6.2)-----------------21st (6.7,6.0),23rd(6.0)
8)14th May(6.3)-------------------14th(6.2)
9)4th June(6.6)------------------4th (6.3,6.3),5th(6.1)
10)29Th June(6.6)---------------29th(6.3)
11)19th July(6.2)---------------20th(6.0)
12)29Th July(6.8)---------------28th(6.5)
 These are up to July  2012 only
These are strictly as per norms ie + or - one day and + or - 0.3 mag
 Up to July 2012 only there are 12 hits


Friday, December 07, 2012

7.3 earthquake at Honsu Japan on 7th December 2012, a hit prediction

please note a major quake of 7.3 at Honsu Japan to day ie 7th December 2012 and a tsunami warning..
watch the accuracy of date prediction (predicted date is 6th + or - one day),(see my previous post or web page)
please see my blog and web page and see calender

 It is surprising that, science in general and seismologist in particular, are not ready to accept this date (window period + or - one day) hit prediction.

 If at all these hits are fluke and by chance , I hereby (once again) invite one and all to give their random dates and watch the results. If my predictions are fluke or by chance ,every body has the same probability of success or failure .

  Not accepting such open challenge and still arguing that ,these are just by chance is not fair


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

some research and earthquake prediction by science and geology

please go through some of the research article which predicts major quakes in Himalayas, but when not known.

one more research suggest toil drilling may induce quake, but how ,not sure

It is surprising that ,if drilling, waste water and brine water can induce quakes ,why high tide and tidal pull ( which induces several mters of high tides in oceans ,can not induce quakes?


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Earthquake prediction for December 2012

 Here are some probable dates prone to major note that the place can not be pin pointed as on to day. Window periods are as follows
 Day-----+ or - one day (UTC time)
magnitude-------+ or - 0.3

1)6th December----------6.3

2)13th December--------7.1

3)19th December--------6.2

4)27th December--------6.8

watch the dates


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Earthquake prediction for November 14th and 15th,2012

 Here is one potent date ,November 14th to November 15th 2012. I expect a major quake of 7+ somewhere in this window period. Though place can not be predicted, prone area and major aftershocks can no be ruled out

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Earthquake prediction for October 2012

 Probable dates for major quakes ( for October 2012) could not be posted till date. However, from the balance days two probable dates are posted here with

1) 19th October 2012-----0130 UTC---------6.8

2)29th October 2012------1600 UTC--------6.2

This time I have given probable time in UTC to check time predictions also

In norma course my prediction have time window period of + or - one day and magnitude window period of  + or -  0.3
Place not specified

Monday, October 08, 2012

Earthquake prediction for October 2012

I am sorry for not posting the dates for probable quakes in October 2012. I was busy and out of the station with limited internet accessibility. Nevertheless,  I shall do calculations this week end.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

7.1 earthquake at colombia and Typhoon at Japan on 30th September 2012

 Watch the prediction for to day ,ie 30th sept.2012 for 6.3 quake.
The actual quake is 7.1 at Colombia exactly on predicted date ie 30th  sept 2012
Besides ,there was a cyclone at Japan also
Watch the accuracy of date prediction

also see my web page

Friday, August 31, 2012

7.6 earthquake at philipine Island on 31st August

please watch my prediction for 31st August 2012 and actual quake of 7.6 at Philipine Isalnd

The earthquake is dot on predicted date,Also please note, to day is a full Moon day

can science in general and seismology in perticular predict an earthquake so accurately? ie date hit

also see and see calender for prediction and FAQs for details. News etc


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

earthquake prediction for september 2012

 Here are some probable dates for earthquakes in september 2012

1)8th september------------6.6
2)15/16th september -----6.4
3)22/23rd September----6.7
4)30th September -------6.3

Watch the dates

Earthquake prediction for balance dates of August 2012

 first of all, I am sorry for not posting dates of August 2012 in time. The work load at office is too much to spare some time for my hobby and calculations.
 Nevertheless,the remainimg dates are as follows
1)24/25th August---------6.6
2)31St August------------6.3

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

7.7 quake in sea near Japan and few questions to plate tectonics

To days quake of 7.7 deep in sea ,near Japan ,have posed two questions
1) The quake was very deep 620Kms,ie in side mantle,ie below crust and upper mantle,
 How do we explain such a huge quake at such a depth?
 Can any body(who supports plate tectonics )can answer this?

2) There are two false quake anouncement in california (5+).The beauty of these quakes is ,it was announced by ,none other than USGS ,and later canceled as below

--This event has been deleted after review by a seismologist----

Can anybody explain how such things happen? that too with USGS?


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Result of openion poll-Can Earthquakes be predicted?

 A question was asked on this blog-
 Can earthquakes be predicted?
In answer ,total 1591 people have gave their openion,which are as follows
1) Yes------------505----31%
3)Possibly Yes---582---36%

If we add up -Yes and possibly Yes ,it add up to 67%
Any comments?

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Earthquake prediction for July 2012


 First date for July was already posted in my June prediction., and which was correct,Due to lack of time I am un able to concentrate on my calculations for rest of the adtes of July 2012.I am not a full time research guy,but find some time after full dyas work(8 am to 8 pm). I would love to work full time on the topic if supported by NZ Government
Nevertheless ,further dates are posted here with for your cross checking
1)16th July 2012-----------6.4

2)19th July 2012-----------6.2

3)22nd July 2012.---------6.3

4)29th July 2012----------6.8

 This time , I would like to check the dates (as per UTC), without any + or - one day window period


 Recent quake of June 2012 having magnitude 7.0(or 6.2? ) at NZ ,has made me think several questions?

USGS has stated that the quake was of magnitude 6.2, where as NZ media and other News has quoted it as having magnitude 7.0
Now the question is why such variations in magnitudes ? Which one is correct, or the other one is less accurate?
  My questions to elite seismologist are

How many,minimum, seismographs readings are required to arrive at accuracy of one decimal?
Are local (NZ) seismologist and Govt not doing proper homework before publishing magnitudes, if USGS is taken as ture and correct observer?

Can any ons or even NZ officials throw some light on this issues?

If ,we are to allow such huge differnece in observations, how are we (seismologist) asking dot accuracy from people like myself,who gives estimates well before an event?
 Any answers?


Saturday, June 02, 2012

earthquake prediction for June 2012

Here are the probable dates for major earthquakes

1) 4th June 2012-------------6.6----- 10.10 UTC

2)10th June 2012-----------6.5

3)19th June 2012-----------6.4

4)26th June 2012----------6.4

5)29th June 2012----------6.6

July 2012

2/3 rd July 2012-------------7.1-----1st July 12.00 noon UTC
                                                  3 rd July 19.15 UTC

Watch the dates


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Earthquake prediction for May 2012

 Here are probable dates for major quakes in the month of May 2012

1 )6th May 2012----------6.8  --(10.30 UTC)

2)8th May  2012---------6.6--(12.30 UTC)

3)14th May 2012------- 6.3

4 ) 22st May 2012-------6.5

5) 28th May 2012------6.3

 As a test let us watch (this time ) the date and time  ,wherever mentioned.
Magnitude window is + or - 0.3

Watch the dates

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Earthqauke predicion for April 2012


Following dates are prone to earthquakes/eruptions

1 ) 6/7th April 2012----------------6.5
2) 15th April 2012---------------- 6.3
3) 22th April 2012-----------------6.2

watch he dates
window period for date + or -one day
window period for magnitude + or -0.3
place not predicted

Friday, March 23, 2012

Cycle quakes in March 2012,-Think out of the box-


By the same logic and rule of -cycle quake-we may get some quake of 6+ magnitude on 27/28th March

whenever Moon is at Max declination (also on 27th March ) ,closer, on equator, faster,COinsing ,squaring or opposing Sun or/planet changing the direction ,we may get major quakes

What I maen by -cycle quake concept- is

Before and after any major quake,pre shocks or after shocks occurs at an interval of 7/7 and half days.This is because,After every seven and half days (approx) Moon changes to next potent position ,90 degrees apart(which is also potent).Also after each 7 and half days, Moon occupies potent declinations, ie max North to on equator or from equator to Max south.Thus,7/8th ,14/15th ,21/22nd and 29/30th day after amjor quakes we may get major aftershocks and quakes at differnt locations also

Have any body noticed cycle quakes in March 2012 (current month. ie 8th ,14/15th ,20/21st March 2012?



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7.4 earthquake at Mexico and 6.2 at Indonesia

 Please see my prediction for March 2012 and to days two major earthquakes .
watch the accuracy.It is surprising that ,we believe these quakes are just by chance, and my predictions are not better than random date selected by anyone
I hope major Instituations , Universities and USGS will look in to the matter, and promote such research by givinng technical and finincial help
 In fact , I would love to do this research (my 18 year old hobby) on full time basis. However, due to official work presure I am unable to spend time on this .I wold love to leave my job and concentrate on this work if sponsored by any Institute or universities

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Earthquakes at East coast of Honsu Japan on 14th March 2012

 Please see my earlier post on this blog (or popular post- earthquake prediction for March 2012) at the right side of this blog.
 The predicted date is 14/15th March 2012 ,and magnitude predicted is 6.5
The prediction time window frame is + or - one day and magnitude window is + or - 0.3
It is highly unfortunate ,that country like Japan (which supports earthquake research) is not supporting any theory or prediction based on theories other than plate tectonics
 Is is not fair to give ,a trail, to other theories and support (both technically and finicially) such research or studies?
 Japan is spending millions of Dollars on quake research ,but none for off track research or studies

Sunday, March 04, 2012

earthquake prediction for March 2012

 I am sorry,for not publishing the dates for march 2012 in advance.Due to heavy office work load,including on week ends, I could not calculate the details and publish the dates.
  Nevertheless few dates ,with quick calculations are posted here with
1) 8th March 2012------------------6.7
2)14/15th March 2012--------------6.5
3)21st March 2012------------------6.4
please check

Monday, February 06, 2012

Cebu philipines quake.and prediction for February 2012

 As mentioned earlier, some how found some time over night and now posting the probable dates for February 2012
  Saturn is stationed this week and changing direction, any aspect of Moon with planets changing the direction may induce quakes. Thus we have philipines quakes
 Now ,the probable dates rae
1)12th Feb 2012-----6.5
2)16th Feb ----------6.3
3)21st Feb ----------6.2
4)24th Feb----------6.4
Place not known
window period + or - one day
magnitude window + or - 0.3

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Earthquake prediction for February 2012

 Election commission have schedulded election on 16th of February 2012 for Municipal corporation  of Greater Mumbai .Hence , there is heavy work load at ward level. working as a head of the ward ( as Assistant commissioner) it has become very difficult for me to find some time and work on my caculations for my February 2012 prediction. It is essential for me to work on all Saturadys and Sundays as well as on public holidays.
  Nevertheless ,if  Ican find some time during night hours, I will try to do some calculations,and post my probable dates