Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Request to prepare a program , for Earthquake prediction,

 I here by, request ,to prepare a program, for predicting Major earthquakes, based on broad guide lines ,given below.and also in another post, Basic Guide lines to predict the major quakes
 Roger, is also working on the same issue.As I am not so program savvy, I request to one and all for this
    May be , I am unable ,to explain Roger,the basic rules, the results are sometimes positive and often negative

Basic rules to prepare a program
Part A)
 Select dates /weeks ,where any two indicators are available
 a)Sun closer(0.98 AU approx) ,Sun at Maximum Declination
 b)Jupiter closer (4.0 AU or so), Jupiter at Maximum declination
 c) Venus closer (0.4 AU or so),Venus at maximum declination
 Out of these three a),b) and c) of part A indicators any one is  required.
out of six indicators{ two of each a),b) and c)} of part A) any four are required for 6.5+ quake to occur

 Part B)
 once probable dates from part A are fixed exact date is decided by trigger Moon.
without part A,Moon may not be able to trigger the quake, hence we do not have quakes on all full Moon and new Moons
 Potential triggers, in descending order are
 a) Moon closer/closest (57 ER), and Moon at Maximum declination (+ or - 22 or whichever is highest)
 b) Full Moon OR New Moon
 c)moon joining or opposing ,planets closer (in part A)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cycle earthquake theory....pre and aftershocks..theory


 please see my note - earthquake prediction for July 2013-

 please note 7.3 earthquake on 15th 14 UTC ,at south sandwich island
  Predicted date and time were 16th July 4.0 UTC.
  yes I am conservative while predicting magnitude. May be I am too cautious while predicting magnitude
 What is to be noted here is the theory of cycle quakes
   Time and again I have stated and pointed out that, as Moon is the main trigger in earthquake occurrence, there are fair amount of chances that,another quake (major 6.5 or so) occurs exactly after 7 and half days to 8 days
 This is because, Moon moves exactly 90 degrees during these 7/8 days and occupies another potent /triggering position 90 degree apart.
   Thus, before and after any major quake,there are chances of pre and post shocks after 7 and half adys and 15 days.
  This continues (15 days or 21 days ) till the potent positions created by major planets ( Jupiter/Venus/Sun) fades away
  Thus, after any major quake,authorities should be cautious on 7/8 th and 15 days also
   Check this theory,if anybody wishes

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Basic Guide line to predict major earthquakes

Basic guide line/thumb rules for major earthquake prediction

 There are two aspects of predicting dates of major quakes,as per my findings,
1) potent month/weeks
2) Trigger dates

1) potent months have indicators like
     a)Jupiter closer/est----about 4.0 AU  or less
      b)Venus closer/sest----about 0.3 to 0.5 AU
      c)Sun closer/est-------0.98 AU or so
 For the time being ,let us keep aside ,direct .retro gate motions
First find out such month where all three/ any two exists

2) date and time are decided by trigger Moon
    a)Moon at max declinations (both)
   b) Moon closer---57.0 ER or so
  c) Full Moon/New Moon
  d) Moon Joining /opposing  planets/Sun mentioned at sr no 1) above

 So instead of taking all above as indicators take sr 1) as first requirement  and sr2) as trigger to fix date and time

 It would be an interesting idea to find dates when these indicators and triggers are present and no 6.5+ quake

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Earthquake prediction for 1st January 2014

Earthquake prediction for 1st January 2014

Generally I predict earthquakes one month in advance. However, while running a live software of planet positions ,I stumbled upon one date,ie 1st January 2014. I found this date as a potent date ,which can trigger 7.5 Magnitude quake. Probable time 12.15 UTC
  Places (tentative )were calculated but can not be disclosed as per guideline of National Disaster Act 2005


Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Relation between major earthquakes and volcano eruptions

  Seismologist and scientist now believe that the quakes and the Volcano ,are interconnected. The majoe quakes can make a volcano shrinks on other side of the globe(not connected by any tectonic plate)
 This is exactly , I was saying ,since long.. A date prone to major quake is capable of erupting a vocano ,directly coming under the pull.
     Not only ,this , I extend this further... A date prone to major quake is capable of cyclones and cloud burst also


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Earthquake prediction for July 2013

 Following dates, time ,magnitude and place are prone to quakes in July 2013. These are all probable dates place and magnitudes.There are all chances that,these may or may not come true.
  The note is put up as a precautionary measure

1) 8th July 2013..........0610 UTC.......6.4.......100 degree East or 80 degree West

2)22nd July 2013.......1810 UTC.....6.6...............ditto.........