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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

earthquake prediction-whom do we call a hit?

pl note Andoman quake of 6.4 on 30th March 2010 (16.54 GMT) as predicted earlier Time and again the dates predicted have come true.Predted time is up to 12.00 Noon 30th March 2010( IST) and magnitude 7.0.where as actual quake is 10.30 Hrs late and of lesser magnitude (0.6) Where it is stated that,prediction of quake(major 6.0+) is not possible,I do not know whether this can be treated as a hit . I thing Roger would be able to comment
Amit Dave

Monday, March 22, 2010

Question to plate tectonic-Force required to move a plate

Yesterday, I was trying to figure out the force required to move a tectonic plate from stanstill. Icould not find the solution
Following data is available
1. A major plate say Euresia
2. We have ,area,volume, approx density and haence weight and mass of the plate
3.We have coefficient of friction ,between solid to solid.
4.Assumung the plate free to move in any direction without any obstraction (which is not the case),how much force will it require to move from stanstill position by overcomming intial intertia?
5. How much force is generated by heat currents of solid mentle?
6.will it be sufficient to move the plate ,which is obstructed and opposed by another plate?
7. How much force is required to flod the earthcruct and form Himalya?
If anyone have calculated the force equilibrium pl let me know.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

There are two cycles of quakes ,as already mentioned in my blog
(1)When any planet changes the motion from direct to retro gate or vice a verse first cycle comprises of Moon Joining, Opposing or squaring that planet
(2) second cycle comprises of Moon joining ,squaring or Opposing the Sun in the window period of 15 days (both side) when (1) above exists

If there are more than two planets changing the direction in a short span of 3/5 days there will be even three separate cycles
In this case of more planets changing direction within short span,the quakes will be huge
Now , our case of 11.03.2010 pl note that Mars have changed the direction on 10.03.2010 and Moon directly opposing the the Mars.This date specifically selected for this reason well in advance (January 2010)
Now ,further on 15 .03.2010 we have New Moon, Moon opposing fastest moving Jupiter ,and Mars is picking up he acceleration, yhere will be yet more quakes.

I would suggest one exercise
Find the concentration of major quakes on both sides of such dates when Jupiter,Venus ,Saturn and Mars are changing the directions. The magnitudes will be in descending order from Jupiter to Mars.Mercury is having less mass and hence less pull can give quakes up to 6.2 or so
Also find the dates in past when both Jupiter and Saturn were changing the direction in a short span and major quakes in window period or say cycle dates in window period
There are on an average 6 such dates excluding Mercury when directions are changed.What actually happens when major planets changes the direction is ,it either breaks or accelerates the momentum of magma inside the crust and thus creates imbalance inside the crust.Moon,with highest pull acts as a triggers when such changes in momentum exists. Moon moves 1degree in 2 Hrs and hence accurcy expected (maximum) is +or - 2 Hrs.And this is why place can not be pin pointed. In 4 Hrs Earth moves both ways ,in Orbit and around axis giving a miss to the predicted place. Moreover, sometimes , if the crust is weak ,say a plate boundary than quake may occur earlier i.e.before full potential pull generates.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Major quakes at Chile to day(11thMarch 2010) -request to USGS to look in to the matter.

As predicted earlier on my blog ,there were three major quakes at Chile to day.There are 7.2,6.9 and 6.0 quakes at Chile .I would not term these as aftershocks because
1) As per my theory every shock is a separate shock
2) If,as per plate tectonics,these were aftershocks,how they increase in magnitude after so many days?
It is high time taht, USGS and other research institutes, encourage the research in the field other than plate tectonics

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Predicting major aftershocks ,at Chile

After a major quake of magnitude like that of Chile, the major aftershocks occur after Seven and Half day as well as 15 days.This is because,the Moon acquires next potent position of 90 degrees apart afetr each seven and half days.
Thus, first date and time to watch at Chile is 6th March 2010 at 1530 Hrs local time.