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Monday, May 31, 2010

sample study-planets changing direction and quakes

A sample study for the year 2006 was done by me ,to check concentartion of quakes near dtaes when planets changes the direction. For study purpose Mercury was not considere as it is a small planet and have less tidal pull
In year 2006 there are 5 dates when planets changes the direction ie
3rd Feb, 5th March, 5th April, 6th July,and 7th December.
The quakes 6 -6.9, 7.0-8.0 and 8+ were checked before and after 15 days of the date on which planet changes the direction
Results are
------ ---- ---Actual----- Average (expected during the period ie 5 months)
6-6.9 -- ---------66 -----------56
7.0-8.0 ----------6 ------------6
8+ ---------------1 -----------0.5(?)
A study was also done for Jupiter when changing direction as well as closer to Earth
7th April 2007 and 7th August 2007 Jupiter changes the direction as well as closer to earth (<5.0 AU)
For 15 days before and after these dates the quakes are as follows
-- For 7th April 07 -----For Date 7h August 07
---------Actual -----------Actual --------Average (for a Month)
6-6.9 -----31 ---------------20 -------------11
7-7.9 ------1-----------------2--------------1.25
8+---------1 ----------------1 -------------0.1 (?)
I would like you to comment as to weather this is above average or not?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Again a proof in favour of tidal force theory

please note Vanuattu quake of 7.4 on 27th May 2010,1714 Hrs UTC,as expected.This has again made it clear that the tidal force theory is not only correct but accurate also.
Quake was just Hrs before exact full Moon
If we,still doubt the theory, only because it is against the existing theory of plate tectonics,God only save us all. Time and again it can not be stated as chance

Monday, May 24, 2010

--And a miss

As I regularly inform every one about my hits,it is my moral duty to inform you all a miss.
22nd May 2010 at 2315 was predicted as hit of 7+.However,the quakes were seen less than 6.
On 24th at 1618Hrs GMT a quake of 6.3was noted at Brazil.
Looking at above ,I am quite apprehensive of the quake on 28th May 2010 (6.5+)
Fingers are crossed and I am only observing

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Moon tidal foece on earth

please see the link fortidal force calculation
please note the amount of tidal forces mentioned below.
1)Moon feels from Earth-------(1.82)*(10)raised to 18 N
2)Earth feels from Moon-------(6.69)*(10)raised to 18 N
3)Earth feels from Sun---------(3.02)*(10)raised to 18 N
please note that the tidal force of Moon on Earth is more (3.5times) than ,the force of Earth on Moon.This is because Earth is bigger and hence bigger differential force.
Now,the question is -
If we (scientists) agrees that the Moonquakes are mainly due to tidal force of Earth,How and why we do not believe that the Moon can trigger tidal force induced earthquakes(which is 3.5 times more)?
If any one have specifice reason ,please let me know

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Earthquakes due to Saturn changing Direction and Jupiter closing in

Saturn is changing direction from retrograde to direct on 30th May 2010 and Jupiter slowly approaching closer and closer to Earth ,major quakes ,eruptions as well as natural disasters may out following dates 16th and 23 rd May 2010
23rd May 2010is more potent date
23rd May 2010 ,04.45 Hrs IST major earthquake is expected (7+)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Accuracy of prediction- Sumatra quake-

please note today's major quake of 7.4 at northern Sumatra against my predicted date of 10th May 2010 and 6.4+.
I would again request he USGS and learned scientist/geologist to look in to he matter at least once leaving the prejudice that,no theory.other than plate tectonic is correct. I would also like Roger to note this.

This may even increase the ash from Iceland volcano
please.. please save some lives

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Pro. John Davidson,from Earth Science Durham University predicted that, the sister volcano of
Eyjafjallajokull namely Katla (which is ten times bigger)will explode with in a year. In the past history of 2000 years it has erupted with in a year of eruption of Eyjafjallajokull .This is also opined by vulcanologist Bill McGuire
If it is true, I would like to add that ,the most potent period is between 15 th August 15 th September 2010


There are several major earthquakes that occur not on the plate boundaries but inside the plate. Take for example major quake of Latur -Maharashtra -india on 30th September 1993. Western part of India ,especially Maharashtra are known to be safe place as it is not on plate boundary of Euresia plate. Nevertheless after the quake the area is now put under risk category.
The reason,given by plate tectonics is -Intra plate quake due to fault-
How the two sides of the fault move relative to each other ,when the parent plate is moving in one direction? Are these not after thoughts?
By the way, looking at the cycle quakes , there could be quake/s (6.4+) on 10th May 2010