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Saturday, August 02, 2008

some quaestins to plate tectonics

A few question to MR.kher who have some doubts and questions for my theory of earthquake prediction
(1) Does moon force depend on the body it is acting?
(2) How such a small force produce 4.5 mtrs of high tide in the oceans?
(3) can we observe high tide and low tides in a bucket full of water? why ?
(4) Does mass and volume of molten lava is more than that of waters in the oceans?
Now some questions to Plate Tectonics
(1) Why there are quakes at other than plate boundaries?
(2) How and why the initial two plates ie Laurasia and Gondwanaland
separated initially ? Due to heat currents or Due to Earth rotation?
Because magma will not solidify at the places where splitting forces are already there how did they separated ?
(1)Why there are major quakes allover the globe ,on different plate on a given date?
(2) Why some months are prone to major natural disasters Like May 2008?
(3)Why some of the major quakes have occured onf
full moon or new moon day. BOth Latur(30-09-1993) and Bhuj 26-01-2001)quakes are on full moon day
(4) How does plate tectonics explains pre shocks ?
Amit J Dave


Mr. Tony said...

Excellent questions Mr. Dave...
Mr. Tony

John said...

The full moon, only makes a difference to the severity of the quake or tsunami. Ie the tsunami of 2004.......Check dates for all natural disasters on you can see the connection between planet movements and natural disasters, however, the are all dependant on how the the planets poles react with each other. Our planets are great big magnets, everything boils down to the theory of relativity, mass, velocity & interactive poles.