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Thursday, October 21, 2010

open Invitation..........Earthquake dates..contd

It is noticed that, as there are s many comments, locating and reading comments has become little difficult.
Hence ,this thread is opened for further discussions

As Venus is closer and a full Moon day on 23rd Oct as well as earth is nearer to Sun ,there are fair chances of major quake on 23rd Oct . Besides ,there was 6+ quake on 16th hence as per -Quake cycle theory- (quakes occurring after seven and half days also, there are chances of quake 6.5 (approx ) occurring on 23rd (+ or - 24 Hrs)

From 47°N 7°E:
Ascension - Declination - (AU) -- Altitude Azimuth

Sun         13h 52m 10s   -11° 31.3'     0.995     2.768   69.816 Up
Mercury 14h 9m 24s -12° 53.8' 1.433 4.435 65.706 Up
Venus 14h 15m 52s -20° 49.4' 0.277 -0.723 59.487 Set
Moon 2h 12m 57s +17° 53.6' 62.1 ER -1.118 -118.133 Set
Mars 15h 37m 8s -19° 54.0' 2.313 10.932 44.321 Up
Jupiter 23h 42m 45s -3° 33.3' 4.111 7.814 -76.176 Up
Saturn 12h 42m 2s -2° 8.8' 10.495 -1.996 88.993 Set
Uranus 23h 51m 45s -1° 44.6' 19.247 7.667 -79.085 Up
Neptune 21h 53m 34s -13° 19.2' 29.569 16.376 -48.147 Up
Pluto 18h 12m 47s -18° 42.4' 32.358 23.905 8.225 Up


AMIT said...

please note 6.7 at Gulf of California on 21st October 2010 at
1753 UTC
There is yet one more expected in my window period of same Magnitude

AMIT said...

I would like to elaborate on -cycle quake theory- of 7 and half days. One of my friend have raised doubts that, quakes (6+) do not occur every seven and half days

It s not after every seven days the 6+ quake will occur
It is like this
1) There is a potent date ,which is selected first-as per theory
2) 7 and half day before this date, the date itself and seven and half days after this date there will be major quakes
3) It is like sinusoidal wave,slowly increases ,reaches maximum on selected date and slowly fades away
Thus , all big quakes have ,generally a major after shock after 7/8 days
Now , I shall clarify ,why such -cycle is noticed

When we select a date-which has highest potential-certain positions of planets are looked in to and calculated the pull. Now , before seven and half days and after seven and half days, Moon takes positions ,90 degrress apart
Moon moves 90 degrees every seven and half days (approx). Thus , a relatively less potent but similar configuration occurs before and after every seven and half days. This is all because , Moon is main trigger in all major quakes
I would go to the extent of saying that, where a Big quake (7.0+)have occurred,people should be discouraged from living in the houses on 7 /8 Th day

AMIT said...

-Cycle quake theory -contd
Further to quake cycle theory ,following things be noted
When bigger planets like Jupiter ,is closer and changing the direction ,there are two sets of quake cycles
1) Moon joing, opposing or squaring ,planet changing the direction
2) Moon joining ,opposing or squaring the Sun
If ,by chance, the planet already have aspect with Sun (0,90 or 180 degrees),when changing the direction,the two quake cycles merges in to one.
This quake cycle (combined) may induce 8+ quakes ,if Moon is closest at that time on peak (given) date

AMIT said...

Here is one ,7.5 Sumatra ,25th Oct 1442 UTC. Yes it is off target window by one day.
We nay see more quakes in November 2010

gb said...

great work amitji .keep going

sdelapp said...

That's a Bulls@Eye:


"sdelapp said...
Anyhow, since it's been 7.0s that I've been studying, maybe that's what I should be predicting.

I do believe I see a six day period, October 24th thru 29th that should have a 7.0+ quake therein.

We shall see what we shall see.
10/20 11:40utc"

AMIT said...

Yes. You are right.It is high time, we must look at theories ,other than plate tectonics

AMIT said...

We have some huge quake on 25th October 2010,hence, one more quake-cycle quake-can not be ruled out somewhere between 2nd and 3rd November 2010.
Chances of majoe aftershock also increase on 2/3rd November 2010
Amit Dave
27th Oct-1345 IST

AMIT said...

Here is an article from Times of India-Mumbai- dated 27Th October 2010, which raises some questions on existing plate tectonics and drifting of Indian Sub continent

------- -------- --------

Ancient insect find raises questions October 26, 2010


The discovery of a trove of insects preserved for millions of years in amber raises new questions about how long India was isolated before it joined the Asian continent, researchers say in a study.

The insects -- bees, termites, spiders, and flies -- had been entombed in the vast Cambay deposit in western India for some 50 million years.

Scientists had long assumed that India was for a time an isolated island-continent, and consequently expected that the insects found in the amber would differ significantly from those elsewhere in Asia.

Advertisement: Story continues below But researchers wrote in their study appearing in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday that the insects were not unique as would be expected had India been sequestered for as long as they originally believed.

"We know India was isolated, but when and for precisely how long is unclear," says David Grimaldi, curator in the Division of Invertebrate Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History.

"The biological evidence in the amber deposit shows that there was some biotic connection," he wrote.

India separated from present-day Africa and after about 50 million years collided with Asia, creating the Himalayas.

Rather than finding evolutionary ties to Africa and Madagascar -- land masses geologists say India was most recently linked to -- the researchers found relatives in Northern Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

"The amber shows, similar to an old photo, what life looked like in India just before the collision with the Asian continent," says Jes Rust, professor of Invertebrate Paleontology at the Universitaet Bonn in Germany.

"The insects trapped in the fossil resin cast a new light on the history of the sub-continent," said Michael Engel, a professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and curator of entomology at the University of Kansas.

"What we found indicates that India was not completely isolated, even though the Cambay deposit dates from a time that precedes the slamming of India into Asia," he said. "There might have been some linkages."

------- ------ ------ ----