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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cyclone YASHI-at Eastern Australia-General theory of tidal pull

Time and again ,it is noticed that,the date of quake prediction ,may, give ,other natural Disasters like, cyclones and volcanic eruptions Tomorrow ,ie on 3rd Feb 2011 ,cyclone YASHI,may hit eatern part of Australia,may be categoey 4/5 (135Kms /Hr)
Volcanic Eruption-
When tidal pull exceed certain limit and when it breaks the earth crust completely ,an eruption occurs
The tidal pull applies at all levels
1) on magma inside the crust
3) Atmosphere
The high tide pull,creates high pressure zone at high tide side and partial vacuum at 90 degrees apart(low tide zone). When ,parial vacuum zone comes out ,the air rushes to fill the partial vacuum. If ,these air flows over oceans ,with temp 26 degrees ,it gethers latent heat of water and gathers momentum
Thus results a cyclone
Thus ,all dates of eathquake are prone for these natural disaster (incluing sudden cloud brust -at high tide zone)

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