Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Earthquakes 6.7at Fiji and 6.4 at Japan,as predicted

Predicted date 30/31st July 2011
predicted magnitude--6.5
6.6 quake at South of Fiji on 29th
6.4 quake at East coast of Honshu, Japan
can we say this is the date hit prediction?
Time and again I have proved date hit accuracy.You will find proof to my statement right in this blog.
Unfortunately,seismologist and plate tectonics are not ready to believe
I thought when Japan spend a huge sum on Earthquake research hence, will be able to take cognizance of this
Unfortunately ,it deed not work out
Any way I have to keep working.
If enough time and resources are allocated to research even place can be pinpointed(right now,in principle)


AMIT said...

Yet another quake,6.1 at Vanuattu on predicted date
There are 150 odd 6+ quakes on an average.The odds for date hit are 150/360 ie 0.42
Has any body thought ,why on predicted date ,there are more than one 6+ quakes? where as the chances are less than 50%
In fact out of 150 odd total quakes ,there are cluster of quakes.Which means more than one quake on given date. Unfortunately while averaging out we do not consider them

AMIT said...

One more quake.6.8 at New Guinea on 31st July (UTC).How many 6.5+ date hits are required to prove that earthquakes can be predicted>?

AMIT said...

please note Mt Etna erupted on 30th July 2011.The theory of Tidal pull and Momentum change states that
When the inside preessure (tidal pull ) increases and excede the limit,either it breaks the crust partially( hence earthquake occurs) or Can rupture the mouth of volcano completely and gives out eruption
So the dates predicted are prone to quakes as well as eruption.
In fact ,it can also induce cyclones,which is already discussed elsewhere in this blog as well as on web page

Anonymous said...

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