Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Result of openion poll-Can Earthquakes be predicted?

 A question was asked on this blog-
 Can earthquakes be predicted?
In answer ,total 1591 people have gave their openion,which are as follows
1) Yes------------505----31%
3)Possibly Yes---582---36%

If we add up -Yes and possibly Yes ,it add up to 67%
Any comments?


Anonymous said...

Hi , great work ... have been watching the person over at , got the web addy off your site, they predict real time earthquakes and are normally bang on with their real time predictions.

I notice that they have a large region forecast on the 21st of July, so im guessing your next couple of dates after the 21st may very well come true.

Thanks darren

Anonymous said...

Do you think Christchurch is due for another big one, anytime soon?

AMIT said...

Places can not be predicted as of now.Tough it is possible in principle