Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Date ,time and place prediction for 23rd June 2013

note- This is just a public prediction of earthquake and there are all chances that ,it may not come true.
 No body should take this seriously and may be treated just as an academic exercise.

hhDate--------------------23rd June 2013

   time --------------------12.15 UTC

  Magnitude---------------7.2 (+ or - 0.3)

places (probable)
20 degree south 120 degree west

 120 degree west complete

  60 degree east complete

25 degree north, 60 degree east

A line joining (20 degree south, 120 degree west)  and ( 20 degree North, 60 degree  east)



AMIT said...

one more to be added

25 degree north,120 degree east

120 degree east and 60 degree west

AMIT said...

A 6.5 quake at 10d north and 42 d west N.E of south America on 24 th June
Yes ,this can be well treated as miss as mag is less than expected.not on dot time also.
Thogh well wirh in one day window pwriod

AMIT said...

A quake of 6.5 on 24th June at Northern Mid Atlantic ridge . though ,this can be well treated as a miss because it missed magnitude (7.0+ or- 0.3),the date window (+ or - one day) is correct
I am yet to here from any scientist or seismologist ,such date and magnitude accuracy for 6.5 magnitude quake

medo said...

what can we do to face quakes and tornados is developing sensitve devices and tracking it
earthquake hazards|volcano