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Friday, February 12, 2016

Presence of Gravitational waves confirmed

 This is some unusal post.
 Today's breaking news is , Albert Einstein was correct in predicting that, gravity has its own waves. and it is all a matter os space time fabric , which gives gravity to a body

 Does that means , the force and pull equations (Newtonian ) are not useful in calulating gravitational pull ?

  Any scholar in the field of relativity ( both special and General ) can please comment on the issue?

Amit Dave


AMIT said...

some interesting question answers about Gravitational waves for a layman are answered nicely


Kalindi Phadnis said...

Amit Sir,

Detectable gravity waves will be created by very big star or 2 blackholes collision only .
Those blackholes were tens of times greater than our sun. Smaller collisions will be
very difficult to detect as pull and force will be very negligible ( on the space in
our universe ) .

best regards

Santosh Phadnis
( now Maths teacher in schools )