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Saturday, October 17, 2009

earthquakes cycles and clusters

we have seen how earthquakes are induced. There are two major components ,besides several small components.
1) Major planets changing he direction
2) Moon joining /aspecting planet which is changing the direction and /or Moon joining/opposing or squaring the Sun
Now ,there will be two separate cycles of quake clusters in that month( in which major planet ie Jupiter and /or Saturn changes the direction)
First one due to Moon and Planet pair aspects
Second due to Moon and Sun aspects
Intensity depends on several other factors like
1.Moon closest to earth
2.Moon on equator
3. Moon at extreme declinations
4. Major planet closest to earth
5. Sun and Moon on same declination
6. Other planets in close aspects
7. Earth crust below the resultant pull line (ie plate boundary or not)
8.Sun at equator
Thus , there will two separate cycles of major quakes in such month
Each cycle have frequency of quakes at seven and half days intervals ,till potent position fades away. Seven and half days because Moon takes seven and half days to acquire next potent position at 90 degrees apart.
Watch such cycles in this month ie October 2009
We need to think out of the box ie outside plate tectonics theory for earthquake predictions
It is true that, there are plates and they are moving. It is also true that, more quakes occur at plate boundaries ,but that is because the plate boundaries are weakest link
More correct statement is
"Plates are due to quakes and quakes are not due to plates"
Amit Dave

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AMIT said...

Often major after shocks occurs at the same place on next day,but after 40 minutes ie because Moon rises 40 late on successive days. Moon reaches same position 40 minutes later on next day.
Amit Dave