Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Monday, October 05, 2009


pl see my predictions and actual occurrences of major quakes ,tsunami, cyclones in last couple of days.
on 13th of Oct 2009 Jupiter changes the direction from retro gate to direct, this is the main cause of these calamities. When major planets changes the direction ,it changes the momentum of molten lava below the earth crust. Either it accelerates or brakes the speed and momentum of lava ,triggering a quake
I shall show you some of the thumb rule for major quakes to occur(more than 6.5 on Richter scale
1. Find out the days when major planets (Jupiter, Saturn Mars or Venus changes the direction from direct to retro gate or vice a versa.
2. Find out whether major planets and Sun are at a position of 0,90,180 or 275 degrees from each other, the more they are positioned ,major will be quake
3. find out whether the planet changing direction is closest or farthest, this will decide the intensity of the quake
4 The day and time when The Moon either joins opposes or squares the planet changing the direction or The Sun, there will be a major quake
5 Intensity depends on the closeness,opposition or squareness of planets with Moon
pl see the blog for detail open discussions on my theory
finer aspects like declinations,apogee and perigee are not given here
love you all


John said...

Hi there,

I believe you are correct, however a much more accurate way to predict earthquakes is to view here you can type in the dates of any natural disaster in history and find a patern. I have been studying natural disasters with reference to the movements of the planets for over 2 years now, and the shapes alignments that apear are T,t & V in the lower section of the solar system.

When planets group together, when planets are one side to the sun & when all planets are in opposition to Jupiter they cause an effect on earth.

The 17th Of October could see another Earthquake, All these dates depends on the magnetic poles of the planets.....

Possible Natural Disasters

January 2010 Between January 4th & February 17th
V Formation & Align of Mars, Earth, Sun,Mercury, Venus & Jupiter

June 2010 Between June 17th & June 29th

November 2010 Between November 1st & November 19th

May 2011 Between May 3rd & June 20th

October 2012 Between October 4th & October 17th

December 2012 Between 1st Of December & ……………

From Looking at the solar system we could be in for a large spell of natural disasters finishing in June 2013.

Check these dates on look at the solar system map!

Yes, the moon plays a role on the severity of the earthquake dependant on the moons possition at the time of the quake.


AMIT said...

Dear John
Thanks. I am happy to know that there are people who thinks out of the box. Plate tectonics does not have answers to some questions,leave aside prediction.
Watch October 09 for few more quakes.see my blog prediction dates
One thing ,science has to understand is look beyond the existing theory.
Now , If we had major quakes(and cyclones) on 29/30th of Sept 2009 there
will be quakes after every seven and half days,till the potent positions of planets fades away.
Watch after 15 days and 21 days also. This is because after every seven and half days Moon takes another potent position 90 degrees apart.
Why such simple correlations are seen in detail ?

johnnorthbrady said...

January 2010 Between January 4th & February 17th
V Formation & Align of Mars, Earth, Sun,Mercury, Venus & Jupiter

This was the Haiti Earthquake!

The V formation is always the most dammaging for some reason.

Hopefully I will be proved wrong in June, however I believe it also has something to do with the possition of Earth on its axis for the location of the earthquake. Someone might be able to help me with this one.

johnnorthbrady said...


Between the dates 15th & The 26th of May 2011. Planets one sided to the Sun and the moon will be at it perigee on the 15th.