Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Earthquakes for remaining dates of October 2009-intimation to USGS

This month's positions of planets triggering major quakes is now fading away. Some of he last major quakes of this month will be
26th October 2009----0530 Indian std time (IST)
27th October 2009----1135 Hrs IST
Both quakes will be more than 6.2
Places not known.

The strong position of planets was mainly due to Jupiter changed the direction on 13th Oct as well as proximity of some of the planets to earth


Akshay Deoras said...

Well,It was good to read the prediction theory. But my friend, Planet allignment had never been a theory for earthquake prediction. I hold the Center of Research of seismic activities. We predict earthquakes on the basis of patterns and eclipses. i must offer a link to you.Please don't think i am insulting but just want to share with you

We had a seismic window from oct 11-22 where we got 98% success

Akshay Deoras

Akshay Deoras said...

Regarding weather forecasting, I will request you to see this link

I hold the METD WEATHER STATION and was one of the very few who went against the IMD in forecasting the monsoon. We forecast Tornadoes and Cyclones

Akshay Deoras

AMIT said...

thanks Akshay
All theories are hypothesis to be tested against actual quakes.
Eclipses are also related to positions of Sun and Moon.This ultimately leads to tidal forces acting on the earth or molten lava.
watch out
Amit Dave

AMIT said...

One more thing Akshay
Quakes less than 5.0 or even 5.3 are occurring almost daily.
Prediction of major quakes more than 6.2or even 6.5 is what matters the most.
Quakes of 6.0 to 6.9 are nearly 18-20 per year. so predict precisely quakes more than 6.0 atleast

Akshay Deoras said...

Thanks for the reply!