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Monday, November 29, 2010

Earthquake (6.6) at Japan and Eruption at Mt Bromo ,Indonesia

please note my prediction date 29/30th November ,2010 and actual earthquake of 6.6,at Bonin Island,Japan. Also please note eruption in Mt Bromo , East Indonesia.
Time and again ,I have predicted date hits. The theory of Volcanic eruption has also been proved several times.
we need to look at other theories(other than plate tectonics ), for better earthquake prediction .
What accuracy (more than date hit) do we need?
I admit,that, right now I can not pin point places, but if time and efforts are made, I am sure ,it can be done


AMIT said...

Again ,there is dis parity in magnitude
USGS says ----- 6.6
Japan seismolgy---6.9

Watch accuracy of my prediction

sdelapp said...

Please note my latest two Bulls@Eyes...
6.1 on the 23rd & 6.6 on the 30th.

Next, we should see some low level rumbling, 5.6+, December 01 thru the 8th, with a Red Letter Spike, a 6.0+, with the New Moon, maybe the 5th, but probably the 6th day of November.
11/30/10 16:30 utc

From November 14th Thread:
sdelapp said...
didn't say so before, but I thought it would be a little bit quiet this week, and , except for the mini swarm, it was... I think next round of significant action, 6.0+ , will be with the full moon, 21st thru the 24th, then quiet again until the 30th, something a little stronger, 6.3+, methinks.

3:23 PM

AMIT said...

please note yet another proof of -cycle quake theory-
My cycle quake theory states-
If there is a prone date, which is fixed as per my theory, the dates/days 15 days and 7 and half days before and after (predicted date)are also prone for quakes.
Note quakes in November 2010 are
3rd,10th,16/17 th ,23rd and 30th November. All quakes were more than 6.0 (except on 16/17 th -5.9)
This happens due to various position of Moon ( a main trigger in earthquakes)
Let one date is fixed as main quake date ( as per theory). Now ,as Moon moves 90 degrees every 7 days (approx),before and after evrey 7 and half days, it occupies yet another similar ,but less potent location.
Thus cycle quakes occur
In fact, it is easiest way to predict a major after shock ,at a place ,where a major quake (7+) have already occured.
I would go to the extent of saying, people should be warned ,on 7/8th day and 14/15th day for aftershock after a major quake of 7+

AMIT said...

After 30th November 2010 ,we have major quakes on 8th December (6.5 and 6.1 at south sanwhich and Philipines )
Yet another proof of cycle quake theory. ie quakes occuring on 8th Day after major quakes
Next majoe quakes are expected between 21st and 23 rd December 2010 (6.5)

Anonymous said...

I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

AMIT said...

Thanks .keep watching