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Friday, December 09, 2011

Study links tropical cyclones to Earthquakes- A study

 Please see at the right side of this blog  -Study links tropical cyclones to earthquakes- or see link

Now the study have shown relation between cyclones and major earthquakes (in certain cases)
It says,the land slides and mud creates imbalance of load on the fault line and quakes occurs.

This relationship was earlier shown by me on this blog.
I believe ,what research have found is not correct. Only the load imbalance can not create quakes.
The real reason ( as I believe)is like this

The tidal forces and momentum change forces apply to all levels ie

1)When it applied to molten magma /lava it creates /produce quakes (if the crust is broken partially)

2) When the pull coincides with /.comes directly under mouth of volcano,it break open the mouth and eruption occurs (volcanic eruption occurs at high tide zones only)

3)When applied to oceans it creates high tides and low tides (which we are aware)

4) Over solid crust ,it deforms the upper crust by few inches (this is also proved )

5) When the same pull apply to cloud  layers ,it creates concentration of moist clouds at high tide zone and may result in cloud brusts (un usal cloud bursts)

6)Now, when there is high tide zone at one side  a low tide zone is created at 90 degree apart .
   When there is greater high tide pulls ,the low tides are also maximum.
    when ,the place comes out of low tide zone (which has created low pressure zone there) ,air rushes to fill the low pressure zone. When such air ( rushing towards) low tide zone pass over Ocean waters at 26 to 28 degrees,it gathers momentum from latent heat of water and may induce tropical cyclones
This shows, the force behind all ,this is tidal pull (high tid and low tides ) as well as momentum change ( due to planets changing the direction0
  Time and again ,it is noticed that ,whenever ,there is major quake ,it is either preceded or followed by cloud bursts and land slides

  The load changes ,due to mud slides ,creates quake may not be correct( to the best of my knowledge)
A few meter of mud have very less weight comparing 100 kms of earth crust

These are my views and my theory of - The General  theory of natural disasters



AMIT said...

The prone dates mentioned in this blog are,there for also prone to
Volcanic eruption ,heavy rains and cyclones

Roger Hunter said...


Sorry to say, your theory is not correct as evidenced by your failure to do better than chance with the predictions.

The tidal forces are tiny compared to the stress levels needed for quakes.


Anonymous said...

Hello Amit and Roger Sir,

Note that there was a 7.1 mag quake on 14th Dec 2011 (near papua new guinea ) , which was just 4 days after the 10th Dec. ( 5 days range) . It was only little bit delayed by Earth . The Theory works fine.

About the chance, for 6 mag quake it will be difficult to beat the chance by Mr Amit as there will be too many 6+ mag quakes in any year. Still note that Amit Sir's theory is correct
, the explanation need to be more clear . Tidal forces are due to gravity of planets, Moon and Sun.

Quakes occur due to gravity of planets , moon , Sun ; angles of planets with Earth and also due to tectonic stress which is accumulated. Quake dates ( range ) can be predicted .

There is a low risk of major quake/s around 24th Dec. 2011 ( + or - 2 days range ) . Location can NOT be predicted by theory.

best regards

Santosh Phadnis