Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Earthquakes at East coast of Honsu Japan on 14th March 2012

 Please see my earlier post on this blog (or popular post- earthquake prediction for March 2012) at the right side of this blog.
 The predicted date is 14/15th March 2012 ,and magnitude predicted is 6.5
The prediction time window frame is + or - one day and magnitude window is + or - 0.3
It is highly unfortunate ,that country like Japan (which supports earthquake research) is not supporting any theory or prediction based on theories other than plate tectonics
 Is is not fair to give ,a trail, to other theories and support (both technically and finicially) such research or studies?
 Japan is spending millions of Dollars on quake research ,but none for off track research or studies


Anonymous said...

Earthquake prediction for south america peru loc 15°s 74°w M 8.0 date 21march 2012.due to combined pressure of sun and moon.

AMIT said... are right.7.4 quake at mexico on 21 st March.

Anonymous said...

I don't think astrology alone can predict exact magnitude and place.apart from astrology i add another factor earthquake energy for predicting place and magnitude.i have devloped a mathmatical model for distribution of earthquake energy around earth.i think we can work together for complete earthquake prediction.your long exprience about planet forces helf me for predicting date.

AMIT said...

Thanks.I would love working on the subject.
I have hardly any time after long office hours.
If sponsored by university,/institute,I would work full time on my hobby
Thanks again