Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7.4 earthquake at Mexico and 6.2 at Indonesia

 Please see my prediction for March 2012 and to days two major earthquakes .
watch the accuracy.It is surprising that ,we believe these quakes are just by chance, and my predictions are not better than random date selected by anyone
I hope major Instituations , Universities and USGS will look in to the matter, and promote such research by givinng technical and finincial help
 In fact , I would love to do this research (my 18 year old hobby) on full time basis. However, due to official work presure I am unable to spend time on this .I wold love to leave my job and concentrate on this work if sponsored by any Institute or universities


Anonymous said...

Hi Amit,
Please explain why the rationale for the earthquake of 20th March. What is the reason according to your theory? We had mercury staton, but the Moon was not square mercury.

AMIT said...

Actal given date was 21st with + or - one day window period
1)Merc changing direction and co insing Moon on 22nd
2) New Moon on 22nd.Earth closer to Sun
3) Mars closer and opposing Moon on 20/21st
4)Moon at Equator on 21st
5) Sun and Moon at same declinations
6) Sun changes declinations from soth to North on 21st


AMIT said...

By the same logic and rule of -cycle quake-we may get some quake of 6+ magnitude on 27/28th March
whenever Moon is at Max declination (also on 27th March ) ,closer, on equator, faster,COinsing ,squaring or opposing Sun or/planet changing the direction ,we may get major quakes
What I maen by -cycle quake concept- is
Before and after any major quake,pre shocks or after shocks occurs at an interval of 7/7 and half days.This is because,After every seven and half days (approx) Moon changes to next potent position ,90 degrees apart(which is also potent).Also after each 7 and half days, Moon occupies potent declinations, ie max North to on equator or from equator to Max south.Thus,7/8th ,14/15th ,21/22nd and 29/30th day after amjor quakes we may get major aftershocks and quakes at differnt locations also
Have any body noticed cycle quakes in March 2012 (current month. ie 8th ,14/15th ,20/21st March 2012?

AMIT said...

As expected 7.2 quake at chile.yet another proof of cycle quake theory.

jeffrey clancy said...

wow, complete an utter fuckwit. I too can also predict earthquakes. Here I go, I predict 20 earthquakes of magnitude 4 or higher in CHILE in the next 24 hours. NO + or _ here. I bet i am correct, you are a complete fucking dickhead, fuck off!

jeffrey clancy said...

approve my comment, go on, you fuckwit, ill be back in an hour, i bet i am on track, more so than your guesses. go smoke some crack you lunatic

jeffrey clancy said...

on second thoughts , no i won't cause i know i will be right, i got something better to do, im gunna go fuck my missus while you pretend you know what your doing, i will say it again wake up and fuck off wanker anyone can do what your doing!

AMIT said...

Thank you very much.I could have deleted your posts,which are unparliamentry . However, I would not do so.I would like you pour out your emotions.
To be on factual side I do not predict quakes less than 6 and also aftershocks.
Thank you very much
Love and regards