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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hypothesis for major(8.5+) earthquake occurance

 I have collected some dates on 8.5+ quakes from 2000  to 2012

Now some observations  are

1)out of these six quakes 4 were either on Full Moon or New Moon ( one in window)
2) three were on Moon at Max declination
3) Three were on dates when Moon was closest to Earth

so as a thumb rule Hypothesis for a layman, it can be stated that---

when moon is at maximum declination,closest and /or a full moon or new moon a major(6.5+) quake may occur within + or - one day



Anonymous said...

Hi Amit

And all of them ocean bound.

So this would suggest that the moon does indeed have have effect on ocean quakes, more testing with other major quakes (from M6.5) would be needed to prove undoubtedly.

I wounder if they were at high tides?

Glad that website came in useful in regards to earth-moon distance :)

Maybe check for the time frame, ie midday/midnight 0-2.5Hr either side?

The lower Coronal hole seems to have another forming above it, this will be centralized if it materializes.

So... round about the 5th, we will have the Moon nearest the earth, at least 1 large coronal hole, maybe 2 with one centralized.

Be safe

Jazzman :)

Roger Hunter said...


It depends on how close you're calling a match, I found only one on the actual day of Full moon.

But so what?

It isn't true for 6+ quakes and it's no help for 8+ quakes since new or full moons happen every 2 weeks and you wouldn't know which one will have the quake.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amit

Ok, we should arive at the edge of the southern coronal hole in the next couple of hours, looks like it has list a bit of its size, bit still large all the same.

Be safe

Jazzman :-)

AMIT said...

Watch accuracy of my prediction(5/6th Feb 2013)
and todays mag 8 quake at soloman island with tsunami warning
Hope some day USGS and NZGovt would take serious note of this

rjain said...

14th feb 2013 any earth quake may hit

AMIT said...

It is not enough to say any quake may have to specify the magnitude also,because, small quakes of 4-4.5 hit daily some where on the globe

AMIT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMIT said...

Here is one of the prediction by seismologist(?!!!!), ref The Times of India dt 14th Feb 2013 page 17

"super volcano under Pacific may wipe out life in 200 m years"

can you make any sense out of this prediction? Is it useful in any way?
How much tax payers money are used for such research and predictions?
USGS OR NZ Govt or any other institution is not ready to spend a smallest amount on research which do not work on plate tectonics based theory
Think out of the box

michael peel said...

You sed 3/6 for two out of three of your so called facts. That is 50% of quakes were closest to the moon and 50% percent of quakes were at max declination. I would not let a brain surgeon cut my head open if he sed there was a 50% chance of survival. I think when you can start getting them a lot more accurate with a bit more credible evidence, the nz gvnt could possibly help you out with research money (tax payers money(my money)). Because it really could save lives.