Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Friday, February 01, 2013

window in window ,for February 2013 quake prediction

 February probable quake dates are posted here.
Now what is given here ,is the time window (+ or - one hr) during these dates.

1)5th Feb 2013----------0230UTC
6)18th------------------ 1210

 These time is given to check the time accuracy, rest of the terms (magnitude) remains the same



AMIT said...

Let any body have objection to my this statement I will still say, to days 5Th Feb 2013 unusual weather at northern India ,rain and snow ,is part of this potent date phenomena.
Being an Engineer myself ,I am aware about what I am talking and whether it can be justified scientifically

Anonymous said...

Hi Amit

Space weather does indeed have a direct influence on the earths weather.... you are bang on!

The lack of sunspots/flares for a start cools the planet.
We are suppose to be at the near peak of a solar maximum, yet have such low sunspot numbers at the moment.

Cycle 24 will be similar to the marauder minimum of the 1800's , and the colder stretch will last for the next 15 years at least (colder and colder) before making its way up again

We are on the verge of a mini Ice age.

Even the moon changes the wind direction when it is in new moon status.

That Coronal hole is diminishing all the time it moves across the central plane of the sun , still to be watched though.

Be safe

Jazzman :)

AMIT said...

Watch accuracy of my prediction(5/6th Feb)
and todays mag 8 quake at soloman island with tsunami warning
Hope some day USGS and NZGovt would take serious note of this

AMIT said...

Again a major quake of 7 at Columbia to day(9th feb 2013). Watch the accuracy of prediction both for Feb 2013 (10th) and window in window prediction (9th at 0815 UTC )
What are the chances (odds) of hit for two consecutive 7 and 7+ quakes)?
let us think out of the box and first believe that major quakes can be predicted with date accuracy.
If enough time and resources are provided, I am sure ,place also can be predicted

AMIT said...

Columbia quake as predicted


AMIT said...

Here is one of the prediction by seismologist(?!!!!), ref The Times of India dt 14th Feb 2013 page 17

"super volcano under Pacific may wipe out life in 200m years"

can you make any sense out of this prediction? Is it useful in any way?
How much tax payers money are used for such research and predictions?
USGS OR NZ Govt or any other institution is not ready to spend a smallest amount on research which do not work on plate tectonics based theory
Think out of the box

AMIT said...

watch accuracy of window in window prediction
18th Feb 1210 UTC predicted
18th Feb 1212 UTC actual 6.3 at karmadic island
accuracy in minutes