Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Hypothesis relating Big quakes and Volcanic eruptions

We have seen some volcanic eruptions during Dec 29th and 30th 2013

also see volcano erupted during last two days

More the volcano eruptions lesser the magnitude of the quakes predicted ( this is because the built up tidal pressure releases during eruptions)

 An interesting interpretation of the fact ,that volcanic eruptions may and can reduce the magnitude of the impending big quake any where on the globe, can be used (one day) to avoid big quakes in populated city area
 On ,high probable dates, the active/passive volcanoes can be triggered to erupt (after calculating exact time of tidal pressure beneath the volcano)
 This may sound absurd ,today, but it is possible in principle


Anonymous said...

To be honest Amit, we then have to start looking at atmospheric pressure/troth's/Hurricanes etc...

I think jazman mentioned this before?


Anonymous said...

Paul, this all takes us back to the sun, the sun rules.

Without it we are dead, so many variables, as mentioned the other day, solar cycle 24, its the weakest since the last mini ice age, the suns power hits the tropics, powering the worlds winds/ocean currents etc.

The world magnetic protection is 15% weaker than 100 years ago, weird how the suns weaker also .

Sunspots are forming, but there is such a lack of flares/power, we are suppose to be in a solar maximum !

Just a thought, the molten Iron is magnetic...

The earth has many north/south's under the earths crust, this is what flips the main poles when too many of one congregate on one side of the earth...

There are many changes going on on the planets in our system, why not check them out your self ?

Be safe

Jazzman :)

Anonymous said...

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