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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Earthquake prediction for August 2014

 Here are the probable dates for major quakes in August 2014

1)10th August 2014.........................7.0 (most potent date in August)

2)17th August ...............................6.7

3)24th August.............................6.5

places/location of quakes are not predicted

window period is + or - one day

magnitude window is + or - 0.3

please note as we have already crossed 3rd August ,the date is excluded (though it is my personal diary.

The proof of cycle quakes (which term I often use 0 can be clearly seen from other dates.

You can notice that,the dates are seven/seven and half days apart ( by which time Moon occupy another

potent position 90 degree apart. The chances of major aftershocks (where major quakes have been

witnessed on 3ed August  ,are high

 These are my personal predictions and observations and can not be treated as warnings



AMIT said...

The time and place given are tentative and may not be correct.No action is warranted due to this prediction

Quake predicted on 10th August 2014

1)UTC 16.45 Hrs
(+ or -3 Hrs)
2) probable locations
105 degree East,75 degree west
(+ or - 10 degrees

AMIT said...

Migrants labour returning back to home in china where 6.1 quake struck last sunday ie 3rd see the link
However in my personal openion ,they should return after 10th August.(avoid 10th August)

These are my personal views and may not be correct

AMIT said...

pl see my prediction for 17th August of 6.7 quake and actual quake of 6.2 at Iran Iraq Boarder on 18th
August at 2.32 UTC
Watch the accuracy of prediction

Also pl note at the time of quake Moon was at 56 degrees East and the quake occurred at 47 degrees east,showing Moon has profound effects on major quakes

AMIT said...

pl note 6.6 quake in chile on night between 23/24th (UTC) .note accuracy of date and magnitude both
Are these hits flukes?
Also note my cycle quake theory
wake up USGS

AMIT said...

Yet again. One more on the predicted date of 24th August .
6.0 quake at NAPA ,California and felt across Saan Francisco.
Watch accuracy and Cycle quake theory.
Any comment ?

AMIT said...

Those who wish to see my previous prediction track record my pl visit my facebook page ,which will give you links to evaluation records

AMIT said...

One more ,7.0 quake in Peru in my window period.
Now ,anybody have noticed the three quakes
6.6 chile
6.o california
7.o chile
All three are cyclic in nature.12 hrs and24 hours apart.
Any clue? Eart rotaes and same position occure are 12 hrs (opposite side) of the globe.After 24 hrs same location (one round of earth
Why seismologist in general and USGS in perticular ingnores such striking pattern and hang on to plate tectonics and say it can not be predicted?