Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

 Sorry, This is pertaining to my book and not earthquakes. Though it is related ,in a way that earthquakes and fear of quake may some time induce clinical depression.

My book -A Gifted Toy - is under printing and will be ready by this month end. The book is basically for people recovering from depression. It says that ,the depression is like a Gift from God and you can come out with flying colors.Those who wish to have a look /purchase can contact


Unknown said...

Depression is a gift? What the hell dude? Depression has nothing to do with religion and you never recover from it. You learn to deal with it and how to handle it..

AMIT said...

Yes.It should be treated as a gift.You need to read my book for that.
It has nothing to do with religion
threre are few steps
Accept and acknoledge
treat and take medicine
cope and move on
my book gives various methods to cope and move on.and achieve more success than before.

A Thompson said...

Depression is a curse.. a nasty black dog that bites you when you dont expect it..anyone who thinks depression is a gift needs their head checked

AMIT said...

Dear A .Thompson
I beg to differ in this case. The most feasible and practical way to cope with depression is to accept and treat it as a good friend rather a gift from GOd to teach us something
This ,I am speaking with my own experience and not acquires bookish knowledge.
Twenty years back I was struck by what you call a nasty black dog ,and even under medication for quite some time. Since then , I have bounced back and my book -A Gifted Toy - is outcome of my struggle and experiment with this blak DOg

Here are two poems one at the begining of book and another at the end of the book

(tame the monster inside you)
I was rushing down the road,
Singing, jumping all along in joyous mood.
On a sharp corner, foggy day and far way.
I bumped into a monster blocking my way.
I was knocked down, bleeding on the road side,
The monster was laughing loud and wide,
I lay there for days unknown,
woke up to see the rainy afternoon.
There were rains, lightning and thunder storm,
I had to lay there, why I don’t know,
Rain stopped and rainbow sighted
Birds seen flying, singing and delighted,
There was joy in all woods around
But I was scared, looking the monster around.
Few boys came, I did not say anything but,
They lifted me up and took me to a hut.
I met my GURUJI, whom I know as my mentor
He gave me food, medicine and shelter,
He taught me the ways and means to begin,
How to live happily once again
“Still I am scared GURUJI,” once I screamed
“I always see monster in my dream”
“Why do you think” said Guruji
“Monster blocking you”
“It is now only inside you and
you only are blocking your way”
“Learn the ways and art of life”
Take the inner monster in your stride”
“Make it your best friend, O my boy”
It is a blessing in disguise and A GIFTED TOY

(Tamed monster, a buddy)
O Guruji, thank you a zillion times,
you made me your boy.
now only, I can understand,
and accept this monster as a gifted toy.
Now I can play with it, if I want,
and turn it off when I don’t.
I allow it to play with myself,
and then pack it off to the shelf.
The monster sometimes smiles,
And walk with me, hand in hand, for miles.
Sometimes, when I am unable to walk,
He lifts me up, and run, shunning the talk.
He is my buddy, if I deploy
I know, for sure, it is my GIFTED TOY.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amit,

Your lines seems you are connected to spirituality. Is it?

AMIT said...

But the technque and method mentioned is based on medical science.