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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Major quakes predicted in first week of Jan 2010

There are three planets changing the direction in last week of Dec 2009 and first week of Jan 2010.
on 1st Jan 2010 at about mid night Moon is directly opposing the Sun.
on 3rd Jan 2010Earth is nearest to Sun.
on 15 th Jan 2010 ,there is solar eclipse.
Thus ,major quakes are predicted in first week of January 2010
Quake of 7.2 on 1st Jan 2010 at 0130 Hrs Indian Slandered time


Cool Occult said...

Hello Mr. Amit,
I am into meditation and sometimes I get some visions of future world events. There is some danger to Mumbai (possibly a big earthquake). Can u plz let me know if this is in line with u r theory

AMIT said...

Dear Cool occult
I do prediction on the basis of Gravitational force and tidal effects of various planets on the earth.
Predicting date and magnitude as well as time to some accuracy is possible. However, predicting exact place is not yet achieved.
Nevertheless ,on specified date and time all places on plate boundries and prone to quake shold remain alert

Cool Occult said...

Dear Amit,
Something bad would occur in March 2010 for mumbai....Lets see

Renuka said...


I heard hmm sound today morning at 6.25am on 10th Dec'09, there will be earthquake in comeming Hrs or days.
I heard same hmm sound 3 years back when earthquake came in Delhi.


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AMIT said...

Dear Renuka
I am unable to pin point the place as of now.However, it is sure, major quakes will be coming in first week of January 2010
.Watch out 1st January 2010.

AMIT said...

Dear Friend from China
I am sorry. I am unable to understand what you have written. Though I have been to China Once(Wuhan) ,I can not make out what you have written. Could you pl translate in English?
Amit Dave

GarthStich said...


AMIT said...

Dear Garthstich
I am sorry sir. I am unable to understand the language

Anonymous said...

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