Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thumb rule for predicting major quakes (>7.0)

Here are some thumb rules whereby any one can predict the major earthquakes (>7.0) to fair amount of accuracy
1) find out the date/s when either Jupiter or Saturn is changing the direction from direct to retro gate or vice a versa.
2) 15 days before and 15 days after this date is the window period for major quakes.
3) find the date when moon either joins/opposes or squares this planet or Sun.
4)watch out for Full moon and new moon in this window period
5) If both Jupiter and Saturn are changing the direction with in a span of 4/5 days the quake/s would be even more than 8.0
6) magnitude can be fine tuned depending upon proximity of Moon, Jupiter and Saturn.
7) Earth closer to Sun, Moon on equator, aspects of planets can be used to fine tune the magnitude.


today said...


June 12, 2010 has a perigee eclipse squaring Saturn/Jupiter....possible quake window?

Would be interested in your view. Thanks.

today said...

Reading down your blog I now see you have 12.06.2010 as your #14 window for 2010.

AMIT said...

hi today
yes. you are right.June and 12 and early morning of 13th June 2010 (As per Indian std time) are prone to major quake due to
1.Saturn changing the direction from retro gate to direct on 1stJune 2010.
2.Sun and Moon joins in the evening 6.0pm on 12th.
3.Saturn and Jupiter squares Moon on 13th early morning.
4. Moon at extreme north declination on 12th June
Amit Dave

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