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Saturday, May 21, 2011

After Japanese super quake of 11th March 2011 ,the area is under more strain??

please see the link-news -
see google news at the right side of this blog-Japanese earthquake: ocean floor moved by 79 feet
The article says
After the maga quake of 11th MArch 2011, there are immense seismic stresses remained in the area(more than that before the quake) and that ,there are chances of further major quake/s
The data showed that-contrary to previous openion-the area have build up massive amount of strain prior to the earthquake.
Now the question is
How such things can happen-with respect to -Plate tectonic theory?
We say that ,after the stress is built up to limit,the quake occur and releases the stresses.
Do we have to rethink the authenticity of plate tectonic theory it self? Are we believing the theory blind folded?



Anonymous said...

Amit Sir

Good point, but you need to prove that to geologists. Note that on 11th March 2011; gravity from planets and Moon was less ! The space curve was less , in other words it was very smooth that plates can move if strain exists ( accumulated ) already . It was in case of Japan's that area.

I think that only some strain was released and more strain is added by planets' and Moon's gravity after 11th March 2011 till today 23rd May 2011.

- Best regards,

Santosh Phadnis

AMIT said...

Please see the news -Italian experts are tried for not giving warning of quake

How about this?

AMIT said...

Italian scientists Jailed for not predicting 2009 quake of 6.3 which killed more than 300 people
pl see

Now ,we need such accountability. If we are spending hard earned tax payers money in the name of research ,we need to reply some such harsh questions


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