Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


There are several major earthquakes that occur not on the plate boundaries but inside the plate. Take for example major quake of Latur -Maharashtra -india on 30th September 1993. Western part of India ,especially Maharashtra are known to be safe place as it is not on plate boundary of Euresia plate. Nevertheless after the quake the area is now put under risk category.
The reason,given by plate tectonics is -Intra plate quake due to fault-
How the two sides of the fault move relative to each other ,when the parent plate is moving in one direction? Are these not after thoughts?
By the way, looking at the cycle quakes , there could be quake/s (6.4+) on 10th May 2010

1 comment:

AMIT said...

please note today's major quake of 7.4 at northern Sumatra against my predicted date of 10th May 2010 and 6.4+.
I would again request he USGS and learned scientist/geologist to look in to he matter at least once leaving the prejudice that,no theory. I would also like Roger to note this.
other than plate tectonic is correct.
This may even increase the ash from Iceland volcano
please.. please save some lives