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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Italian scientists arrested for not predicting 2009 earthquake/not warning people

Italian scientists Jailed for not predicting 2009 quake of 6.3 which killed more than 300 people
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Now ,we need such accountability. If we are spending hard earned tax payers money in the name of research ,we need to reply some such harsh questions



Roger Hunter said...


How about a similar law for making false predictions?


AMIT said...

Same treatment should be given to those who give false prediction by giving all three aspects of quake
1)Date and Time
This may amount to spreading rumor.
In fact ,we ,in India ,have National Disaster Act ,which approves stringent action to those who scare people by spreading rumor


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Amit Sir,

Actually it is not correct to arrest those scientists for not able to predict some quake accurately ( date time location ) . I and Roger have conclusively found ( proved by program for 7 Mag + quakes only ) that there are always around 30% quakes which can NOT be predicted by any theory. Even the remaining 70% quakes are predicted by range of days only and not by exact date , time ( location is NOT possible to predict yet ) ! So the truth is we are still researching in this area and accuracy is not possible yet !
For example we were not able to predict the Japan's location for quake of 9 mag , which occurred on 11th march 2011 ( theory shows the quake date only and possiblity of 8 to 9 mag quake ) .
Theory also shows around dates of 1st June ( + - 2 days ) and around 15th June ; but when and where is still not possible to predict !
If we try to check 6 mag quakes
they are more common so no point in predicting them as they may occur after every few days.

best regards

Santosh Phadnis
Bangalore, India.