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Friday, May 20, 2011

No Major earthquake on 21st May 2011 ,Judgement day

This new post is specifically for those who are afraid of -judgement day -21st May 2011.Lot of news and web sites spread such baseless news .I here by assures one and all that ,there will not be any major earthquake on 21st.and that ,there will not be any judgement day.
keep cool


Anonymous said...

What about on Oct 21st .... anything scary gonna happen...

Anonymous said...

it is all fake propaganda.. just to get people to follow jesus, the missionaries and all use such fake propaganda..

man survived the ice age, ww-1, ww-2 and man WILL survive any circumstance..

AMIT said...

1) Yes You are right. Men have survived almost all the calamities .
2) please see my earlier blog (popular blog mentioned at the right side-Earthquake prediction 7+ for the year 2011).The [probable date for quake is 27th Oct 2011 with 7.5 quake....But ... but no scary things and no Judgement day