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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

6.6 Earthquake at Northen Sumatra,Indonesia on 5th September 2011, A date hit prediction

Please see my September 2011 prediction on this blog as well as my web page
we have 6.6 quake at Northen Sumatra, killing several people
Do we call it a 6.5+ date hit prediction?
Since 1st September 2011,we have several 6.5+ quakes,sometimes two or more in a day.
Are these quakes a co incidence or just by chance?
Time and again I ahve noticed that, when Jupiter changes the direction from direct to retro gate or from retro gate to direct and it is nearer to Earth (4.5AU-Astronomical Units-average distance of Earth from Sun), the frequency of major quake increases
Moon plays a major trigger ,once the above condition is full filled
Given the condition mentioned above , when Moon Joins,squares or opposes Sun (ie phaeses ) and /or with Jupiter ,major quakes occurs( The day is fixed with Moon movements)
The magnitude ,then ,depends on proximity of Moon to Earth and declination of Moon
The closer the Moon Greater the magnitude
The day when Moon acquires maximum decliantion (north or South), the day is prone
Several other aspects are taken in to account for fine tuneing the magnitude like
Aspeccts of other planets
Distance of Earth to Sun
Sun declination
Any other planet changing the direction with in a span of 2/3 days
Moon at Eqautor
These dates are also prone to Volacnic eruption and cyclones
Now find out the dates for yourself

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